“A Pig is a person or a police officer who is generally found violating the constitutional  and the human rights of the people; A vile traducer, who is usually found masquerading  as a victim of unprovoked attack”  – Huey P. Newton, Co-Founder The Black Panther Party For Self-Defense BELOW IS A TYPICAL PIG ALL DRESSED TO KILL & TO PROTECT PROPERTY

These ‘Blue Lives Matter’ Bills Send the Wrong Message on Race and Violence

Blue Lives matter and always have, but in the US black and brown lives have always mattered less. For the third year in a row, police killed nearly 1,000 people while Congress considers legislation making harsh penalties for violence against police harsher. , Flickr / Jamelle Bouie Earlier this month, an overwhelming majority of the […]

Athens, Georgia’s New County Commissioner Took Her Oath Of Office Over ‘The Autobiography Of Malcolm X’ While Rocking The Flyest ‘Fro

We just feel seen. Whilst wearing the most poppin’ fro, Georgia’s Mariah Parker took her oath of office for the state’s District 2 County Commissioner on the steps of City Hall in downtown Athens, Ga. Parker, who won by 13 votes, not only had her mother, Mattie Parker, hold “The Autobiography of Malcolm X” to swear on, but […]

RFK: Another Lie is Half a Century old!

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On June 5th Senator Robert Kennedy was murdered – being very successful in preparing his campaign for presidential elections. Since 50 years the narrative is upheld that the Palestinian Sirhan Sirhan would have fired the deadly shots from the front that hit RFK from behind. It´s the same weird type of…

The Shocking Legacy of Amerika’s Worst Modern-Day Lynching

Twenty years after the brutal, racially motivated murder of James Byrd Jr. in Jasper, Texas, some residents are trying to scrub the crime—and the bigotry behind it—from the town’s history. by JOHN SAVAGE On a chilly Friday afternoon in January, 68-year-old George McDaniel is holding court in the garage of his recreational-vehicle repair shop in the […]