The way history is taught in South Afrika is ahistorical – and that’s a problem

History textbooks suggest that in 1994 when formal apartheid and racial exclusion ended, so did prejudice and racism. United Nations Photo/Flickr, CC BY Natasha Robinson History may soon be a compulsory school subject until Grade 12 in South Africa. A task team established by the country’s minister of basic education made this bold recommendation in a report released in early […]

The amazing 900-year-old churches of Ethiopia’s ‘New Jerusalem’ built into solid rock

The 11 churches in Lalibela, Ethiopia were commissioned in the 12th Century when travel to the Hold Land became dangerous Built on stretches of volcanic tuff, workers carved down into the ground to form the churches inside and out In 1978 the churches became a UNESCO World Heritage site by ASHLEY COLLMAN Peter may have built […]