Revolutionary Daily Thought

“There is no strength but that which is destructive, because man has lost his virtues, and only respects force, which he himself cannot counteract. This is the day of racial activity, when each and every group of this great human family must exercise its own initiative and influence in its own protection, therefore, Negroes should […]

Water at Massachusetts Prison Under Scrutiny from Prisoners, Social

Water at Massachusetts Prison Under Scrutiny from Prisoners, Advocates, Public AgenciesWhen Wayland Coleman, a prisoner at MCI-Norfolk in Massachusetts, stepped out of the shower last year he noticed something strange. It was as if the towel he used to dry himself was, in his words, “used to wipe dirt off the floor.” “I don’t know […]

Locs hairstyles are more than just fashion in these Afrikan communities

Men of the Baye Fall faith…Leral Dreadlocks or locs are said to have one of their origination points in ancient Egypt. This has been proven by the excavation of Egyptian tombs which revealed loc’d hair. Locs have evolved into a hairstyle worn for beautification or religious purposes. It can also be worn by a person […]

The history of Black Mexikans and their struggle to find a voice today

BY NDUTA WAWERU A 1719 Juan Rodríguez Juárez painting, depicting race in Mexico. [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons Did you know that black Mexicans were only recognised for the first time in 2015 when the Mexican government conducted its national survey? Before that, Mexico and Chile were the only Latin American countries that did not officially count the […]