Remembering Mtayari Shabaka Sundiata and 400 Years of New Afrikan Freedom Fighters!


_20161023_120441hogans-history-tensions-over-slavery-18-638_20160823_202415_20161023_120602_20161023_120602_20161023_120620_20161023_120507_20161021_230333Historically this war strategy, the consolidation of capital, politics, racist ideology and guns has its roots in the continent of Afrika and America. The initial development of colonialist expansion on the North American continent began with the Afrikan slave trade and the genocide perpetrated against the Native American Indians. It was off the backs and brains of these oppressed people that the capitalist system grew into one of the most powerful in the world. Only from this exploitation was racism and monopoly capitalism able to flourish, dominate world markets and raise huge amounts of capital from cotton, tobacco, and sugar. It was the southern bigots and liberal northern industrialists who made a killing from Afrikan slave labor. Todav this exploitation is carried out by supra multi-national corporations who prop up military governments and literally run the economics of governments. The slave trade was not just an economic strategy to exploit Afrikan labor; it was also a military strategy…

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