Mumia Abu Jamal on How Trump Thinks He’s King

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FEATURING MUMIA ABU JAMAL – A new poll by Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research has found that Americans overwhelmingly disapprove of presidential self-pardons. Eighty five percent of Americans surveyed think it would be wrong for a president caught committing a crime to pardon him- or herself. That number includes 75% of all Republicans, whose president is under serious investigation for wrongdoing. If a president does pardon himself the survey finds that a majority of Americans also think Congress should then impeach that president. On that subject award winning journalist and political prisoner Mumia Abu Jamal has just issued this commentary.

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source;Mumia Abu Jamal on How Trump Thinks He’s King


One thought on “Mumia Abu Jamal on How Trump Thinks He’s King

  1. Well, every President since Kennedy´s assassination must know, that he´s not going to be the “most powerful man on Earth”, but at best the most glamorous man on Earth, which Obama found easier than Trump. But Trump must know his Position even before Inauguration:
    „President Elect Trump: Has His Struggle for Survival Already Begun?“:

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