White Man Yells “You’re Treating Me Like A F**king Black Person” As Cops Arrest Him

Why would that be the first thing that comes to mind as you’re being arrested?

A video has gone viral of a white man telling police they’re treating him like a “f**king black person” as cops try to arrest him.

The video, posted by Shaun King, shows the man surrounded by three Orlando police officers. As they attempt to apprehend him it leads to him being on the ground, where he then says the following:

“You’re treating me like a f**king black person.”

Shaun King


Watch this and wait for the punchline. He said, in shock and desperation “You’re treating me like a fucking Black person.”

Think on that for a moment. With all of this going on, that’s what came to his mind. Police brutality, to him, is something reserved for Black folk.

That this was the first remark to come to the person’s mind is unsettling. As King writes along with the video “Police brutality, to him, is something reserved for Black folk.”

Police violence is much more common among black people but the statement reflects this person’s privilege. That because they’re not black they feel they don’t deserve to be treated the way they are in this video.

The police system is corrupt in America, to where some police officers will even decide to arrest you by flipping a coin. This video reflects not only the man’s privilege but his ignorance — that at any time a cop may exert and abuse their power over you, regardless of what you look like.


source: http://www.okayplayer.com/news/white-man-yells-youre-treating-like-a-black-person.html


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