Prison strike solidarity update: Solid Black Fist newsletter released as striking continues

Jailhouse Lawyers Speak (JLS) is currently continuing to focus energy on supporting strikers who’re suffering retaliation, raising awareness of those who continue to strike and educating policymakers of strikers’ demands. These will be our primary focuses in this season. Newsletter issue #6 released We can continue to send support to strikers by sending them mail. […]


Noname (Photo by Nicolas Völcker) 2 Editor’s Note The following protest song was initially featured at Ongoing History Of Protest Songs. Noname is the moniker of Fatimah Warner, a 26-year-old indie rapper from Chicago. She recently released her first official album “Room 25,” a much-anticipated follow-up to her acclaimed 2016 free mixtape, “Telefone.” The album is […]

Clarence Brandley: A legacy of perseverance and struggle

By Gloria Rubac         September 22, 2018 Houston — Death row exoneree #40, Clarence Brandley, was honored and remembered at his funeral on Sept. 14. His five children, other relatives, his attorneys, investigators and members of the Coalition to Free Clarence Brandley helped fill the large New Loyalty Missionary Baptist Church in northeast Houston. Dozens of […]

Historical Dialectical Materialism (HDM) 

By Tom Watts 6/6/2018 “Philosophers have hitherto only interpreted the world in various ways; the point, however, is to change it” – Karl Marx Historical Dialectical Materialism (HDM) is a method of analysis to understand the world as it actually is in order to affect its change.  Historical and dialectical materialism are doctrines that were developed within the Marxist tradition […]

Learn from the Revolutionary Legacy of the Black Panther Party

by a Wisconsin prisoner August 2018        permalink   As I first stumbled out of the haze of unconsciousness and began to see the true structure of society and the world, as I began to understand what drove and supported the political socio-economic forces, it was inevitable that I would be influenced by the […]