by  Jessica Brand, Callie Heller   In our Explainer series, Fair Punishment Project lawyers help unpack some of the most complicated issues in the criminal justice system. We break down the problems behind the headlines — like bail, civil asset forfeiture, or the Brady doctrine — so that everyone can understand them. Wherever possible, we try to utilize the stories of those affected by […]

WTF!!!The NRA’s latest racist attack, funded by gun companies — and you?

The NRA is known for promoting an extreme agenda that undermines common-sense reform to stop gun violence. What’s less known is how the NRA traffics in racism. Their latest? Dressing beloved children’s characters in KKK hoods, as a way of ridiculing and protesting diversity on children’s television. As crazy as that sounds, it’s not an exaggeration.

On “Black Marxism” and the Black Radical Tradition

By Frank Chapman Black liberation is a not a state of mind that can be characterized as “Black Marxism” or the “Black Radical Tradition.” Nonetheless, there is an ideological need to settle accounts on this question of the identity between the “Black Radical Tradition” and Marxism. My initial response to the formulation “Black Marxism” is […]