A Maasai warrior participates in the high jump competition during the Maasai Olympics. Photo Credit: Maasai Olympics For centuries, the Maasai community in Kenya has practiced a traditional rite of passage that require male initiates to hunt and kill lions. This tradition has been largely blamed for the diminishing number of lions, which have been a […]

Virgin Island Brothers Support Campaign

Please pass on to all respective list serves – members, supporters, family and friends! The campaign to free the Virgin Island 3, who have been locked up for 46 years, is kicking into high gear. Like many aging prisoners, they are experiencing increasing health problems and pose NO RISK to the society they’ve been locked […]

Our Misguided Assumptions About Crime and Punishment

by William R. Kelly Ph.D. The criminal justice system is perhaps the greatest U.S. policy failure. The United States has created the largest, and arguably the most punitive criminal justice system in the world, based on the simple premise that crimeis largely a matter of poor decision-making.  What would compel someone to deal drugs on a street corner, rob a […]

Racial Terror by the Rules: On Anti-Black Psychic Violence as a Kind of Governmentality

by Zoe Samudzi racial terror   Illustration from ‘The Middle Passage: White Ships/Black Cargo’ by Tom Feelings One of the most egregious but canonically crucial colonial acts was to make God and Jesus white men. Jesus, in this imagination, is not a brown-skinned Jewish man from Judea (today’s Occupied Palestine): he’s a fair complected man […]