[WATCH] Activists Take Back The Street Named After The Black Mayor Who Bombed MOVE


On May 13, 1985, under the leadership of Philadelphia’s first Black mayor, W. Wilson Goode Sr., police dropped a bomb on the home of the Black liberation and environmentalist group MOVE. Due to confrontations with police and the complaints of neighbors, MOVEhad been declared a terrorist organization by the city.

Eleven MOVE members—five children and six adults—were killed in the bombing. In a resulting fire that the mayor allowed to burn for hours, more than 60 homes in and around the 6200 block of Osage Avenue were destroyed.

In June, Philadelphia’s City Council voted yes to renaming the street where Goode lives, the 2400 block of North 59th Street, after the former mayor who went on to become a minister.

In protest, local activists in the newly formed Serudj-Ta Alliance for Restorative Justice demanded, among other things, that W. Wilson Goode Sr. Way be rescinded. In this video, captured on October 9, 2018, the alliance erected a memorial shrine to the 11 people killed in the bombing that will forever haunt the City of Philadelphia.


source:[WATCH] Activists Take Back The Street Named After The Black Mayor Who Bombed MOVE


2 thoughts on “[WATCH] Activists Take Back The Street Named After The Black Mayor Who Bombed MOVE

  1. I remember this from long ago. I was raised in a town about 45 minutes from Philly. It was a horrible day. Many homes burned. Senseless murders crush me. I don’t understand what goes on in the minds of people who do such evil things. Yet it continues. What we see today in this country is beyond the pale – how people can justify the hate they feel and then act on it. Other people turn their backs and look away. If I were younger and in better health I’d be out there.

    • That day was nothing more then the state forcing their will on the people because they did not and would fall in line like the majority so you become expendable as we have seen so many times before

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