Urgent Call to Support Kevin Rashid Johnson!

Self portrait by Kevin Rashid Johnson
Here is what we are told by the Abolitionist Law Center:

“On arriving at Sussex II (Wahe was greeted with attack dogs lunging at him while he was fully chained up. He is being served meals on a rubber mat, without utensils, and with no cups, so he is being made to eat with his hands. He was placed in a filthy cell that has blood on the toilet. There is no toilet paper or other hygiene products for him to clean himself with. He is currently refusing meals because he is being presented with the choice of eating like an animal in filthy conditions where he cannot clean himself.

He is in his cell 24hrs per day. He is being refused any recreational time. He has a guard standing sentry in front of his cell door 24hrs a day. All staff have been instructed not to speak to him, and with the exception of brief conversations with the warden and a nurse they are following through on that. About 2 or 3 cells on  either side of his cell are being kept empty so he can’t communicate with other prisoners. They placed a sandbag in front of his cell door so he can’t send kites. has not been let out of his cell since arriving yesterday. When he eventually does leave his cell he will be required to have a 4-guard escort along with a supervisor.

He was not given his blood pressure medications last night. He began having a headache at that time and repeatedly asked a Sgt. Morse for medical assistance. When he woke up around 4:30am he had a sever nose bleed, and again repeatedly requested medical attention from the guard posted in front of his cell. He was ignored. When he requested forms to file an emergency grievance he was told that he was not allowed to have the forms, and that he was not allowed to have ink pens to write with. 

A nurse Burgess came by his cell on rounds at about 5:30am and gave him his first dose of medication. She said that with his symptoms and diagnosis he should be sent to medical for evaluation, but the guards refused to allow it. She went back to talk to her supervisor and was told that security would have to arrange to move him. Security never made those arrangements, and so Rashid is stuck in his cell without anyone monitoring his blood pressure or adjusting his medications while he’s having a high blood pressure episode that could lead to a stroke.

He has been presented with no disciplinary reports since being placed back in the Virginia Department of Corrections. He suspects that, while at Sussex I, VADOC security personnel arranged for him to be put in a holding area with a prisoner with a psychiatric disability who was setup to tell lies about Rashid regarding gangs and a plan to hurt a guard. This happened just before he was told about an impending hearing for an interstate transfer. He also says that he’d sent 4 articles for publication, which have never arrived, and would have included writings about the use of dogs to abuse VA prisoners and more.”

We must stand up to the constant abuse, medical neglect, and censorship targeted toward Rashid. Help us amplify his fight for his own health and safety, and his commitment to speaking out against injustices and organizing movements from the inside. Please call and stay tuned for more action updates.


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