Melvin Dickson has Joined the Ancestors

Our Beloved Comrade/Family Melvin Dickson made his transition at 9:30 am Thursday morning (October 25th). Melvin was Former BPP; CEO of the CCBPP, Chair Oakland Jericho, Board Member of the Solidarity Committee for Jalil Muntaqim. … He dedicated his life to serving the people, working towards ending oppression & racism, freeing our Political Prisoners/Prisoners of War; teaching the youth, and much, much more.

Melvin was so beloved in the community.  He educated over 3 generations of youth.  As anorganizer and educator, Melvin was also known for his warm smile and words of encouragement when things got tough.  

Two days before he transitioned, he looked out of the window from his hospital bed and softly said…”I don’t want to be oppressed. … I want to be free. …”  I told him “you taught us well, this is what we are fighting for and we will never stop…”   
Wednesday night he spoke with all of his family back east, some of his family/comrades here, as well as my daughters and my mom.  The last call was from his niece,  at about 11pm.  He was so happy to hear her voice.  He laughed and smiled while speaking with everyone. 

He then feel into a deep sleep, and transitioned the next morning.  He transitioned surrounded by love.

May Allah swt bless his soul & grant him Jannah.

Rise in Power King….Your legacy will live on forever. we love you.

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