Gab: A Social Media Platform For Bigots, White Nationalists, and KKK Supporters

I was not aware of these sites. Re-blogged & shared with the quickness

Failure to Listen

Robert Bowers found support on Gab’s social media platform where he shared his hatred of Jews with other like-minded haters.

Gab is not the only platform that claims to support freedom of speech when the speech is violent, supportive of white supremacy and directs hatred and anger toward non-white groups.  There is also  I checked out both platforms a few months ago. Thought they might present an opportunity to reach across the aisle and understand the other side. After less than one week I erased my profile on I found both platforms firmly dedicated to spreading lies, misinformation, and half-truths as well as inciting anger and violence. Infowars, FoxNews, Breitbart and other popular far-right extremist groups and organizations have large followings on both platforms.   The platforms gave me insight into future talking points or conspiracy theories by the far right.  There is nothing but raw anger and hatred…

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