Amerikan Crime: COINTELPRO—The FBI Targets the New Left, 1964-1971

How Do Things Really Change? “What Ended the Vietnam War?” Stop the Draft Week: “From Dissent to Resistance”, Oakland CA, 1967 (Photo: AP)   When a monopoly of political power—and, in a concentrated way, the monopoly of “legitimate” armed force—is in the hands of one group in society, and that group excludes others from that monopoly of power and […]

How To Make A Negro Christian

  This is just one of the many documents published and circulated throughout the slave holding states, that clearly exposes the conspiracy engaged in by both the clergy and the plantation owners, to insure the continuation of the unholy, degrading, inhumane, yet highly profitable slave industry. By introducing the enslaved masses, to the useless, fictitious […]