Message from Jalil Muntaqim to Friends & Supporters

December 18, 2018 Dear Friends & Supporters: As many of you have heard, I was once again denied parole for the tenth time. I was given a 15-month denial, essentially because I did not answer a specific question to the satisfaction of the parole commissioners, despite the fact that my answer was an honest one. This […]

The Muse Brothers: Two black albinos kidnapped and displayed as freaks in U.S. circuses in the 1900s

George and Willie Muse with one of their kidnappers at a circus Two African-American albino brothers, George and Willie Muse, were the grandsons of former slaves and sons of tobacco sharecroppers born in Roanoke, Virginia, in the 1890’s. Harriett, their mother, brought them up in poverty. The two brothers were kidnapped as boys in Truevine, […]

Skin bleaching: Identity crisis or mental slavery?

In 1492, Christopher Columbus stumbled upon the Americas and Caribbean Islands in search of the East Indies. With open arms, the naartives welcome him as their guest, oblivious to their impending doom. Bringing with him diseases and a hidden agenda, he was following orders from the Roman Catholic church to revitalize the failing European economy under […]