Message from Jalil Muntaqim to Friends & Supporters

December 18, 2018

Dear Friends & Supporters:

As many of you have heard, I was once again denied parole for the tenth time. I was given a 15-month denial, essentially because I did not answer a specific question to the satisfaction of the parole commissioners, despite the fact that my answer was an honest one. This definitively speaks to the arbitrariness and subjectivity of parole commissioners’ discretion to decide to release or hold a prisoner. In the same regard, it is difficult to know exactly what each of the three parole commissioners want from a prisoner sitting before them, especially when honesty is a rare quality in this type of situation.

I am extremely grateful for all of the letters, well wishes and support. This denial will be appealed.

Yours in struggle,


8 thoughts on “Message from Jalil Muntaqim to Friends & Supporters

  1. Quote, from the email: “Business as usual in the fear-ridden, hate-dominated United States Of Corporations… ” That is its reality except for those Americans and other America worshipers who live in denial.

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