Prison Radio Kommentaries

Mumia’s Statement On Victory (:45) Mumia Abu-Jamal Babies in Chains  (1:38) Mumia Abu-Jamal How Long (6:14) Karim Charles Diggs UFD (2:02) Dontie Mitchell Chementi….Settled?  (2:52) Mumia Abu-Jamal Your Word Should Be Your Bond (4:31) Omar Askia Ali Lost City Magazine (1:43) Lisa Strawn Juvenile Justice Reform  (1:13)  Jamil Parenti Advertisements

Rashid is in Indiana

Kevin “Rashid” Johnson was transferred from Virginia on November 3. He has been in Indiana since; at first at the state Reception Centre, but now at Pendleton. Please take a moment to send our comrade a letter, both to let him know he’s in your thoughts, and also so that the prison authorities understand that we are watching […]

The Black Panthers still in prison: after 46 years, will they ever be set free?

Jalil Muntaqim’s release had been opposed by the families of the two police officers he was convicted of murdering in 1971  Jalil Muntaqim, AKA Anthony Bottom, has been told he must spend at least another 15 months at the maximum security Sullivan correctional facility in upstate New York. Photograph: The Guardian Jalil Muntaqim, a former […]