Servant Of God Mother Mary Lange, O.S.P.

Elizabeth Clarisse Lange (Mother Mary Lange of the Oblate Sisters of Providence) was born circa 1784 and died February 3, 1882. Mother Mary Lange founded the Oblate Sisters of Providence in 1829. The Oblates were the first United States based religious order of women of color. The Oblate Sisters were role models who provided an […]

Medicine for Political Liberation: Cuban Doctors Reflect on Solidarity Work in Afrika

 by Don Fitz  Cuban Doctors Provide Vaccinations in Senegal in 1973. By Roel Coutinho – Roel Coutinho Guinea-Bissau & Senegal Photographs (1973 – 1974), CC BY-SA 4.0. The first article in this series was Revolutionary Solidarity in Africa: The Story of Cuba’s First International Military Doctors This concluding article in a series on Cuban medical solidarity […]

A Spark of Hope: Lessons From the Zapatistas on the 25th Anniversary of Their Uprising

by Hilary Klein At the 2018 International Summit for Women in the Struggle called by the Zapatistas. The mural reads: “Capitalism converts everything, absolute everything into commodities. For it [capitalism] we women are propaganda, decorations…Down with this capitalist system!” Photo credit: Global Justice Now/Flickr/CC 2.0 January 1, 2019 marks the 25th anniversary of the Zapatista uprising […]

A painful reminder of cultural genocide

  What was supposed to be just another amateur wrestling match held in southern New Jersey on Dec. 19 turned out to be an act of unspeakable violence, prompting a viral response on Twitter. A white male referee, Alan Mahoney, gave a white woman a pair of scissors to cut off the dreadlocks of 15-year-old […]