Prison Radio Commentaries

Blessed  (2:00)  Jamil Pirant Fighting From Within  (2:33) Donte Mitchell About Me  (1:43) Donte Mitchell Restricted Movement Unit (5:05) Khalfani Malik Khaldun Babies In Chains (1:38) Mumia Abu-Jamal How Long (6:14) Karim Charles Diggs UFD (2:02) Dontie Mitchell Chementi….Settled?  (2:52) Mumia Abu-Jamal Your Word Should Be Your Bond (4:31) Omar Askia Ali Lost City Magazine […]

Sister Thea Bowman

Born December 29, 1937, in Yazoo City, Mississippi, Thea was reared as a Protestant until at age nine when she asked her parents if she could become a Catholic. Gifted with a brilliant mind, beautiful voice and a dynamic personality, Sister Thea shared the message of God’s love through a teaching career. After 16 years of teaching, […]

Servant Of God Julia Greeley

  From Slavery To Model Of Mercy – The Powerful Story Of Julia Greeley The Servant if God Julia Greeley was a familiar sight on the streets of Denver in the late 1800s and early 1900s. Wearing a floppy hat, oversized shoes, and dabbing her bad eye with a handkerchief, Greeley was often seen pulling […]