Introducing Black Unity/CBPM’z Politikal Prisonerz “Pen Pal” Movement:


Moorbey’z Blog & Tha Collective Black People‘z Movement have joined tha many other organizationz that  made it possible to write prisonerz, thru it’z  Political Prisoner/Prisoner of War Pen-pal Program. A political prisoner list haz been compiled that listz the name, address and all pertinent information pertaining to each and every political prisoner/prisoner of war.

Write a Nu-Afrikan in jail or prison. Write a political prisoner.. Write a prisoner of war, a liberation warrior and or family member or family member that iz incarcerated in tha amerikan gulag shystem. Free Them All 4 It Iz Tha Right Thing To Do!!!!

Check uz out @

Introducing Black Unity’z/CBPM Political Prisonerz “Pen Pal” Movement:

Black Unity never wishez to never forget about political prisonerz. These are the individualz whom sacrificed their freedomz for various beliefz. The objective is not to determine the right or wrong based on individualistic viewz, but to recognize the fact that these political prisonerz are human. Imagine sitting in a cell awaiting court and/or attempting to survive sentencing without any encouragement or support… Better yet, what if you were to exchange placez with a political prisoner??? Wouldn’t you want to be remembered at least on your birthday or on holidayz???

Black Unity empathizez with everyone’z busy lifestyle, but take some time to select one of our “Political Prisonezs” within the list provided. Each time a volunteer selectz a political prisoner as a “Pen Pal”, hope is restored. Hope in humanity must never be lost.

Therefore, join Black Unity/CBPM Political Prisonerz “Pen Pal” movement.

When writing a letter, first wish the prisoner well and then introduce yourself. “Tell them where you heard about and perhapz that iz providing you a lot of background and information on political prisonerz and thiz iz what encouraged you to write. Tell the inmate a little something about yourself, just as much as you are comfortable sharing with them. You can talk generally about politicz, spirituality, and maybe something that you’d be interested in their feedback on given their history and background.

Be friendly, even humorous, and cheerful (upbeat). Don’t share your phone number because the prisonz take a cut from the phone callz and they are at a minimum double the cost of normal collect callz, at least not until you get tight enough to bear the expense. Tell them you’d love to read back from them whenever they are able to do so and do not assume that they have a lot of free time just because they are incarcerated.

Don’t include anything in the envelope besides the letter itself. Put your return address in the upper left-hand corner of the envelope or it won’t get delivered to the inmate and write the inmates name, # and complete address as neatly as possible or else they will send it back. Write the date that you mailed the letter on the back of the envelope, (i.e. Mid on 10/28/09) so that the inmate will know that if he receives your letter11/5/09 that he’s got a problem with his mail in the prison.

Below is a sample of what I would write to an inmate for the first time. Put your name and address somewhere on the letter in case it getz separated from the envelope:

Dear Bro./Sis Turner

I hope this letter finds you well in health and spiritz and I’m so glad to be in touch with you. I’m Chaka, a student at Rahway College, Rahway, NJ. I’m a member of, websites and there is a lot of information about political prisonerz on both sitzs. Your name is listed as one of the U.S. political prisonerz and I read your history and wanted to, actually needed to drop you a line, I hope you don’t mind.

I believe that everyone should communicate with political prisonerz / prisonerz of war because you have so much information and knowledge that we need to learn. I also want you to know that you are not in that prison in vain; the people on our websitez all know that you exist and still fight for our liberation and we do recognize and appreciate the sacrificez that you have made. I am studying business because I want to open my own shop one day. At first I wanted to sell newspapezs and magazinez but since I have been I now know that I want to sell books and DVD‘s related to health and exercise to build a strong black nation. I could also include some work-out equipment so that I could work-out everyday for free (smile). I have a family that I am determined to leave them something that they can use to earn their own income independent of thiz system when they grow up.

Thank you very much for your time in reading this note. I really look forward to reading back from you whenever you can.

Take care and be well.

In struggle

Chaka Khun

51 Front Street, B – 2

Rahway, NJ 08092


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