Mosi Ngozi

If you tremble with indignation at every injustice then you are a comrade of mine.”Let’s be realistic, let’s do the impossible” Ernesto “Che” Guevara

Mosi Ngozi (fka)
James L. Harris
Founder Of Black Unity Movement


9 thoughts on “Mosi Ngozi

  1. You may wonder why I “like” so many of your posts, because if you look at my blog at the surface it probably appears that we have little in common. But another book project I’m working on is about Camilla Hall, one of the members of the Symbionese Liberation Army. I’ve spent more than 10 years researching the SLA and other groups active in that time. I remain quite interested in the causes the SLA and others fought for. They dared to point out inequities and I don’t think that should be ignored.

    • I grew up in l.A during that time and i would like to ask u a few questionz and get ur take on the happeningz back then.Panther Love

      • I’m curious about your take on that time, too. I’m too young to remember the 1970s so I have to rely on reading about the time or talking to people who were there.

      • In 71 i was a 11 yr old coming into my own but at that point i had been to many a Black Panther Ralliez and was at their headquarterz quite a bit with my parentz & also around Cesar Chavaz and was loving every minute of it. 4 i had big dreamz of getting older and becoming a B.P.P. member and continuing the struggle even at the cost of my life. Panther love

    • No thankz iz needed. It iz my duty and an honour to be able to continue the workz of our ancestorz. $ i am a soldier of the people. Panther Love

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