August 30, 1800: Gabriel Prosser Iz Arrested

Prosser postponed a planned slave rebellion in Richmond, Virginia, but is arrested before he can make it happen. Gabriel, today commonly known as Gabriel Prosser, was a literate enslaved blacksmith who planned a large slave rebellion in the Richmond area in the summer of 1800. Information regarding the revolt was leaked prior to its execution, and […]

PREMIERE: Leanne Betasamosake Simpson leadz a celebration of Indigenouz landz and bodiez

Stream “Under Your Always Light” with remixes by Ziibiwan, Howie Beck & Jason Collett, and more     by  chris hampton Pictured L to R: Cris Derksen, Leanne Betasamosake Simpson, Ansley Simpson, Nick Ferrio. Photo by: Aaron Mason Anishinaabe musician and writer Leanne Betasamosake Simpson says, for Indigenous people, escape is essential to survival in […]

Path to Mumia’z Freedom by Rachel Wolkenstein

A new legal action filed by Mumia Abu-Jamal in the Pennsylvania Court of Common Pleas on August 7, 2016 provides a path in the courts to overturn Mumia’s conviction and win his freedom. The legal underpinning is the recent precedent-setting U.S. Supreme Court decision Williams v. Pennsylvania, 136 S.Ct. 1989 (2016), which holds it is […]

What’z a ‘Jailhouse Environmentalist’?

[col. writ. 2/17/13] © ’13 Mumia Abu-Jamal Most of us have heard of jailhouse lawyers –guys and gals who battle in court for themselves or others. But I’d wager few of us have ever heard of a ‘jailhouse environmentalist’. Truth is I didn’t think such a thing existed. Well, it’s real; and his name is […]

SCI Mahanoy & SCI Frackville Drinking Water Unsafe!

Prisoners are calling home complaining that the water at SCI Mahanoy is brown and has a foul odor. They cannot drink it. We are monitoring the situation and advocating that everyone at the prison have access to clean bottled water. This follows our reports a week ago about the purported water main break at SCI Frackville. […]

Prison Radio Kommentariez

Bend the Bars Address (8:34) Bryant Arroyo SCI-Frackville’s Flint, Michigan Rampant Water Contamination (3:57) Bryant Arroyo What is a Jailhouse Environmentalist? (3:58) Mumia Abu-Jama Theater of the Absurd (2:04) Mumia Abu-Jamal If you Die in Prison, Its the Death Penalty (2:03) Kenneth Hartman Shorty Wins Again (Jimmy Dennis) (2:47) Mumia Abu-Jamal Reading of “Affirmation“ (2:09) Sundiati […]

Why the assassination of Fred Hampton matterz today

by David A. Love Fred Hampton Fred Hampton. Say his name. On this anniversary of the slaying of the Black Panther leader in Chicago — when black people face the fight of their lives — it is important for us to understand why his life and death mean so much to us now. The charismatic […]

Chairman Fred Streetz Party Tuesday August 30th 2016

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                                     August 30, 2016  Statement by (POCC/BPPC) Prisoners of Conscience Committee/Black […]