Malcolm X waz the progenitor Panther, Bobby Seale sayz so

In May 2016, we celebrated the anniversary of Malcolm X birthday on May 19, who would have been 91-years-old, and the 50th Anniversary of the founding of the Black Panther Party 51 years after the assassination of Malcolm X on February 19, 1965. With Beyonce’ controversial “Formation” halftime Super Bowl performance, the era of Black Lives […]

Black Panther Mark Clark and Komradez Deserve Apology From Hiz Hometown Newspaper Peoria Journal Star. After 46 Yearz, Their Livez Still Matter

by Lawrence J. Maushard The racially charged December 10, 1969 editorial of the Peoria Journal Star that describes Black Panther leaders and members as “ex-convicts, jobless, and not overly bright.” In our continuing discussion over police tactics used to control and often oppress minority communities throughout the nation, more than a few law enforcement and conservative […]

The De Mau-Mau 13th/m

by Big brutha komrade A.K. Sabree D.M.M. The De Mau Mau 13th/m iz called by the bloodz within by different namez: De Mau Mau 13th/m, D.M.M., Mau Mau 13th/m , or just 13th/m. But De Mau Mau az a whole iz a Nu-Afrikan Fraternal Brotherhood, that waz first formed in 1965 on Okinawa and later […]

Prison Radio Kommentariez

For the Love of Yuri (2:56) Mumia Abu-Jamal Left Forum: 2nd Amendment Anti-Black Police Violence (3:28) Mumia Abu-Jamal Voting: The Final Fig Leaf (2:27) Mumia Abu-Jamal Trump’s Running Mate (2:19) Mumia Abu-Jamal PA Parole Board Refuses to Reform How They Review Child Lifer Prisoners… (2:38) Kerry Shakaboona Marshall Revolutionary Ecology: The Legacy of Judi Bari (47:30) Narrated […]

Behind Barz on Polluted Land

Do American prisoners suffer from environmental discrimination? Glenn Towery had already served 11 years for stealing a car at gunpoint when he was transferred to Kern Valley State Prison in 2009. Riding up I-5 to the San Joaquin Valley, 150 miles north of his native Los Angeles, he probably smelled the sulfuric odor of industrial […]

PHSS Committee to End Sleep Deprivation askz for letterz about the ‘security/welfare checkz’

Guards have been jarringly waking prisoners every 30 minutes on death row at the Central California Women’s Facility since May 2014, and in the Pelican Bay SHU since Aug. 2, 2015, for so-called “security/welfare checks.” This is serious, ongoing sleep deprivation which is torture. These checks may also be harming people in other prisons; PB […]