LargeUp Mix Series: Lion Twin’s “Trinidad Roots” Mixtape

Cover Photo by Raya Charles/Raya Media For this month’s installment of the LargeUp Mix Series, we return to Trinidad & Tobago for what is, to our knowledge, the first mix to focus exclusively on the twin-island republic’s roots reggae scene. You know about T&T soca, calypso and pan, but what about T&T reggae? Selectors Asfa and Yakub Charles out of Lion Twin, […]

Kreyol Chronicles: Surf Haiti with the Boys of Kabic Beach

Words by Jesse Serwer Photos by Christopher L. Mitchell Model: Sara Charles Kabic is Haiti’s first and, thus far, only surf community. On a typical afternoon, you might find a dozen or so local boys and young men riding the swells at this picturesque, banana tree-lined beach east of Jacmel, on the country’s southern coast. […]

“FRAMED” Chapter 3 by Michael Richardson

Adam’s Note: This is Chapter 3 in a series for called Framed: J. Edgar Hoover, COINTELPRO and the Omaha Two Story. It was written by  Michael Richardson. Learn more here. “What were we but strangers to the land where we were born…” —Mondo we Langa, “From the Ancestor’s House”   David Lewis Andrew Rice was born in Omaha, […]

Rastafarians Celebrate the Birthday of H.I.M Emperor Haile Selassie, July 23 at His Birthplace, Ejersa Goro, Ethiopia

Emperor Haile Selassie’s, 225th descendant of Queen Makeda and King Solomon, 125th birthday will be celebrated on July 23, 2017 at his birth place, Ejersa Goro. The highlight of activities for this celebration will include disclosure of the intended construction of the library, museum and social center. In the attachment below are three preliminary designs by Mr. Mohammed Ahemed and his associates. We are grateful to Mr. Mohammed and his associates and other contributors from at home and abroad for their praiseworthy contribution. In this occasion, we would like to invite other designers to join in this historical venture, by presenting their alternative designs. It is expected that these designs will reflect the resemblance of Guennette Lul (the first palace of the Emperor) and Jubilee palace. Very special thanks to Tehran University for promising to present their alternative designs and also for sending the family tree of Empress Menen, wife of the Emperor, for use in this future museum. The Objective of the project is to: 1. Create a worthy memorial for the Great Emperor – the first leader who challenged the western leaders’ moral in the 1930s– , advised the UN not to be an organization of individual nations interest, but of humanity at large, named the father of Africa and the defender of the faith and Small Nations. 2. Collect and preserve artifacts and materials that demonstrate the Emperor’s life and works 3. Provide the above information to researchers, students and tourists. The Project will be constructed on 23,000 sq. meters of ground. It will include pavilions for each country the Emperor has visited. In these pavilions photos, films, newspapers, and magazines which will be reflected the moments of his visits. For instance, viewers will find statements such as what the Japan news paper, Asahi Shimbun stated during the Emperor’s visit to Japan in 1955: “What a dignify soul has arrived on this part of the world!” The Museum and Library interior and exterior walls will be decorated with symbols, relics, and the monograms of the Emperor. The perimeter of the center will be enclosed by a wall and on both sides of the wall different historical and prophetic speeches of the Emperor, including the 1936 and 1963 will be engraved. In 1936 at the League of Nations, the Emperor challenged the big powers’ moral and said, “Apart from the kingdom of the Lord there is not on this earth any nation that is superior to any other.” In 1963, he advised the UN to be the functional organization and said, “We have to become members of a new race, overcoming petty prejudice, owing our ultimate allegiance not to nation but to our fellow men within the human community.” There will be a fountain in the center of the courtyard. At the front, the customary posture of the Emperor of holding two forefingers each pointed downwards and thumb held upwards will be depicted in a very […]


 REMEMBERING A REVOLUTIONARY By Assata Shakur This is not an easy statement for me to write. Somehow, I thought that Martha would always be here. In my mind she was like Mt. Kilimanjaro, always strong, always solid, always standing tall. I met Martha about 30 years ago. She was a proud intelligent, irreverent black woman. She […]

To My People By Assata Shakur

Black brothers, Black sisters, i want you to know that i love you and i hope that somewhere in your hearts you have love for me. My name is Assata Shakur (slave name joanne chesimard), and i am a revolutionary. A Black revolutionary. By that i mean that i have declared war on all forces […]

The Black Panther Party of the South: An Interview with Larry Little

Larry Little speaking at a 2013 vigil for Trayvon Martin in Winston-Salem. By Joshua Clark Davis   Larry Little’s story doesn’t fit into the dominant narrative of the Black Panther Party (BPP) as an organization limited to major cities in the West and North. Born and raised in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, Little’s leadership of the Panthers in […]