February 22, 2017 Free Em All Radio w/ Chairman Fred Hampton Jr. and Lady of Rage


Life’z A Gaz in Texaz Prisonz: The Frequent Abuse of Chemical Weaponz (2017)

“As the evidence in the instant case shows, tear gas has been unnecessarily employed on a number of occasions to brutalize [Texas] inmates….[I]n most instances of unwarranted use, the chemicals were administered by high ranking prison officials for deliberately punitive purposes. Those employees have never been disciplined or reprimanded for their activities.”[1]     The […]

What Liez Inside the TDCJ’z Ministry of Propaganda

  “The Public Information Office of [the] TDCJ has perfected the art of misinforming the public about the conditions inside all TDCJ facilities … Jason Clark is the chief spokesperson for TDCJ. Clark and his colleague Robert Hurst are professional liars and have even become so bold that they actually conspire with the upper-echelon TDCJ […]

Florida Correctionz sayz itz job iz care, custody and control – but there’z no care

by Harold Bradshaw Life in Florida prison cells is so like it is in other states. The police write bogus disciplinary reports, abuse inmates, then their brothers at Disciplinary Camps help to cover it up. I am a white inmate in the Florida Department of Corrections. I was recently housed at Mayo Correctional Institution where […]

You Will Suffer in Silence: The Lack of Redrezz in Texaz Prisonz (2017)

Corruption and Cowboy Justice I recall a couple years back when a guard here at the William P. Clements Unit remarked to me, that I had no idea how corrupt Texas really is. I almost begged to differ, and was about to recount all the corruption I’d witnessed over the years, but I caught myself […]

Texaz Official’z Use Illegal Social Media Ban On Prisonerz To Retaliate Against Thiz Writer

“The First amendment forbids prison officials from retaliating against prisoners for exercising the right of free speech.”[1] It was just a few months ago that I wrote about the new rule created by Texas prison officials to ban prisoners from having others post materials for them on social media since prisoners have no direct internet […]