On visiting George

Black August iz a few dayz. U know wha time it iz.. by Dr. Tolbert Small George Jackson was a legendary prisoner who was attempting to organize the Blacks, Latinos and poor whites under their common linkage as victims of an exploitative class system. At that time, he was incarcerated in the San Quentin Adjustment […]

In search of Philly’z ‘missing’ black men

 Slavery never ended. Amerika ended (lied) Chattel Slavery and it became a legalized business. Amerika iz nothing more than a corporation MICHAEL PRONZATO/ STAFF PHOTOGRAPHER Karen Lee and Patricia Vickers both have incarcerated sons and they work with the Human Rights Coalition for prisoners’ rights. … BY WILL BUNCH, THE NUMBERS that drive Philadelphia prison-reform […]

Defying the Tomb, Defying Illogic

Jared A. Ball *Originally published as a radio column 09/20/2011 Earlier this year when we received word of an attempt by Maryland prison officials to ban the recently published book by former Black Panther Party leader and current political prisoner Marshall “Eddie” Conway, we were reminded of the immediacy of the threat ideas can represent […]

Censorship on the Prison Plantation: Extinguishing Dissent

Komrade Robert ‘Saleem’ Holbrook a politicized prisoner breakz down the Prison Plantation in way that can easily be  overstood & learned from. Knowledge iz power Robert Holbrook, or Saleem, as his friends call him is a politicized prisoner being held by the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections. He contributes regularly to numerous publications and is an […]

the nationalist manifesto

The time is at hand when the Black man must pause and take serious note of the rapid current of world events. Life for the People of African stock, has been for the past three centuries, a relentless struggle for survival. Not so much against the forces of nature, Nay! Nature blessed the African Race […]

The 9 Thingz Black People Can’t Do

From having pool parties to, literally, walking down the street, African Americans are often targeted as potential criminals. By: Danielle C. Belton Video footage showing a McKinney, Texas, police officer sitting on top of a black teenage girl attending a pool party June 5, 2015Youtube Screenshot When I was 21, a police officer at the […]

A Black Girl’z Worth – HIPHOPMOMMA Princess Best Speaks (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Published on April 23, 2015. Music video by HIPHOPMOMMA Princess Best Speaks c. 2014. Directed &Shot by: Taylor Brown (Barbara Jean Productions), Jenay Shepperson, Crystal Roberts Editing by: Kendall LIttle (DK Filmworks) Follow HIPHOPMOMMA Princess Best Speaks FB: Princess Best Speaks Twitter: PB_Speaks IG: PRINCESSBESTSPEAKS Web: http://www.princessbestspeaks.com Stream/download “A Back Girl’s Worth” HERE: https://hiphopmommaprincessbestspeaks…. For […]

Black Empowerment for Kidz: Free Breakfast Program Kickz Off

by Lisa Loving Ahjamu Umi discusses racism, sexism, and writing during a release party for his novel, ‘Find the Flower that Blooms,’ at Reflections Coffee and Books, Feb. 18, 2012. Photo by K. Kendall A dedicated Pan Africanist group in Portland is reviving a classic community service project from the days of the Black Panther […]

Mon. April 6 national call in: No medical execution of Mumia!

PLEASE SHARE WIDELY URGENT!  URGENT!  URGENT!   SAVE THE LIFE OF MUMIA ABU-JAMAL! STOP HIS EXECUTION BY MEDICAL NEGLECT! DON’T LET THE STATE MURDER ANOTHER BLACK LEADER! SHUT IT DOWN FOR MUMIA! Stopped from carrying out the death penalty against Mumia Abu-Jamal by a worldwide movement that spanned three decades, the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections […]

Cuba spurned FBI bid to swap Assata Shakur for Cuban Five

BY MAGGIE TROWE Former FBI Director Louis Freeh recently revealed that the agency tried unsuccessfully in 1998 to swap some or all of the Cuban Five for Assata Shakur, a former Black Panther who was granted political asylum in Cuba in 1984. In two interviews with the North Bergen, New Jersey, Record, Freeh demanded Cuba […]