The FBI’s War on Black Bookstores

source: By Joshua Clark Davis  The most notable example (omitted from this piece) is the imprisonment of Martin Sostre who ran a radical bookstore in Buffalo, NY. A 1972 article about him follows this new piece. Sostre embraced ideas like Black Muslimism, Black nationalism, Internationalism, and anarchism. He fought his 1967 case from an Attica prison cell for years and is […]

Black Power 96.3 FM presents Black Power Sundays!

Black Power 96.3 FM presents  A weekly rally taking place @3PM outside on the Black Power 96 Sound Stage located at 1245 TyRon Lewis Ave S, formerly known as 18th Ave S! We’ve got dynamic presentations, we’ve got cultural performances, we’ve got local vendors! We’ve got the community! With a new topic each week, Black Power Sundays are more than just […]

Pack the Court for Mumia Abu Jamal – 8am Monday February 26th and Tuesday March 27th – Philadelphia

Pack the Court for Mumia 8am Monday February 26th and Tuesday March 27th Room 1108, Criminal Justice Center, 1301 Filbert St, Philadelphia In a court case that could eventually lead to Mumia Abu-Jamal’s freedom, Judge Leon Tucker has ordered the District Attorney’s office to present new testimony in reference to Ronald Castille. A Status Hearing […]

Sights and Sounds from Dimona

The African Hebrew Israelites of Jerusalem is a vibrate community living in Dimona, Israel. They have sought to redefine themselves outside the vestiges of slavery and the African-american reality. With a Yah-centered mind-set they have created an urban kibbutz style living arrangement  unparalleled in its scope to reshape a people.   source: Sights and Sounds from […]

SPECIAL FROM THE NEW YORK AMSTERDAM NEWS: ‘Panthers’ fiction, and the harsh Black Panther reality – By Nayaba Arinde

From The Desk Of Black Panther Veteran-Zulu Nation King Sadiki “Bro.Shep” Olugbala    NEWS YOU CAN USE! FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 16, 2018 ______________________________ ______________________________ ______________________________ ___ ‘Panthers’ fiction, and the harsh Black Panther reality Nayaba Arinde | 2/15/2018, 8:44 a.m. (Above) Former Black Panther Political Prisoner of War, Sekou Odinga   Sumptuous scenes and luscious garments quietly screaming African […]

Today In History (Our-story)

On this day in 1818, American writer and abolitionist Frederick Douglass chose to mark his birthday. Born into slavery around this date under the name Frederick Bailey in Tuckahoe, Maryland, Douglass fled to New Bedford, Massachusetts, in 1836 and went on to establish himself as one of his generation’s leading minds.


Quotation Food For Thought: 1A. “I would unite with anybody to do right and with nobody to do wrong.” Frederick Douglass 1 B. “Freedom is something you take with your own hands. You control it with your own hands. You do not leave it to other people or alliances. You  first make alliance with yourself. […]

Butter Braids and Dreadlocks: A look at Afrika’s traditional hairstyles

Himba women styling their hair — Ask any black woman about the kind of relationship she has with her hair, and she may tell you that it’s almost like a romantic affair. From spending long hours at the salon to having it washed and braided or pressed, to the amount of money spent on […]