How cornrows were used as an escape map from slavery across South America

Cornrows have become a crowd favorite for women of every culture in the last 10 years. Whereas it used to be worn by children, especially young African and African American girls, the style has become widely popular across women of all ages. But many do not know the deep and rich history of the hairstyle […]

The Emotional, Uncomfortable Classroom

Public displays of emotion from people of color are unwanted in the national discourse because they cause white discomfort, argues Jasmine Harris, which results in stagnant class discussions that are detrimental to student learning goals. By Jasmine Harris Someone recently told me a story about a white male professor at a top-ranked college crying during a […]

Kiswahili: An Afrikan pride under siege

  Mweha Msemo Apr 13, 2018 Tanzania is a unique country in sub-Saharan Africa in having a single, widely used and accepted African national language that connects its entire population. Kiswahili – a language estimated to have at least 100 million speakers across the continent is mostly spoken there; it is also the only official […]

Black people beware: don’t let Black Panther joy mask Hollywood’s racism

Black Panther director/co-writer Ryan Coogler has given black people throughout the world an imagined Africa that has been wholeheartedly embraced, earning over USD$1 billion dollars globally so far. This embrace is due, primarily, to the presentation of so many beautiful, black bodies onscreen, including an extravagant representation of fierce, and fashionable, black women. Also appealing is the portrayal of an […]

Wakaliwood: The cinematic dream of a Uganda slum

by Stefano Schirato Slum in Kampala with about 2,000 residents is home to a young and booming Ugandan cinema industry. Most of the actors playing in Nabwana’s films come from the slum. Isaac has actually realised a dream and made it possible for the people of his town, young and adults as well. STEFANO SCHIRATO/AL JAZEERA […]

Che Guevara in the Congo

credits: Jacobin  by David Seddon The idea of Guevara as a latter-day Don Quixote, setting out on his adventures to undo wrongs and bring justice to the world, and, despite a series of disastrous encounters, managing to survive with spirits undiminished until the very end, is one that appeals to the romantic in all those […]


Africa is not a country but maybe it should be as the leaders have been debating the idea of pooling resources to serve as a compact unit for development. Many people outside the continent have made reference to Africa as a country while others do not even know that there are 54 countries in Africa.

This 1948 event in Ghana triggered Afrika’s independence

BY MILDRED EUROPA TAYLOR  This 1948 event in Ghana triggered Africa’s independence Seventy years ago today, February 28, 1948, a group of ex-servicemen were on a peaceful parade at the crossroads near the Governor’s office in the Gold Coast (now Ghana) to present a petition to him about unpaid wages and broken promises after their fight […]

Long Live Tongogara and Thomas Sankara

by Obi Egbuna Jr. Simunye Let us remember two fallen sons of Mother Africa who truly represent and exemplify the bravery and patriotism which best defines our collective fighting spirit and resolve, Comrade Thomas Sankara, Burkina Faso’s former president, and the commander of ZANLA’s guerilla army, Gen. Josiah Magama Tongogara. This year marks the 30th […]

Democratic Republic of Congo Gains Independence On This Day In 1960

BY D.L. CHANDLER The colonization of what is now the Democratic Republic of the Congo began in the late-19th century, with Belgium and its leaders exploiting its lands. The nation gained independence from the Europeans on this day in 1960, ending an occupation that lasted more than 50 years. The Congo’s colonization happened under the rule of King Leopold […]