Martin Luther King and ‘God’s Children’ on Both Sides of the Border Wall

What would Martin Luther King Jr. think of Donald Trump’s border wall? King’s visit to the Berlin Wall in 1964 makes it clear. by Yohuru Williams    Landesarchiv Berlin Martin Luther King, Jr., at the Berlin Wall (Bernauer Straße at Schwedter Straße) on September 13, 1964, with Werner Steltzer, the director of the Berlin Information Center. […]

Education, jobs and capitalism

by Gerald Coles American capitalism has a hate-love relationship with the nation’s schools. On the “hate” side is a stream of complaints from business leaders and organizations about the many students, particularly in city schools, who fail achievement tests, are high school dropouts or, if they complete high school, do not have the academic qualifications for […]

Smash Pages Q&A: David F. Walker on ‘The Life of Frederick Douglass’

This a must read if you have ever read the”Narrative of the life of Frederick Douglass one of amerika’s greatest abolitionist.  “The Life of Frederick Douglass” a graphic narrative that should be at the top of reading list for 2019. This graphic novel is written by family so show some love and pick up a copy […]

Post-traumatic Slavery Disorder

A White man said: “BLACK PEOPLE ARE STILL OUR SLAVES”. We can continue to reap profits from them without the effort of physical slavery. Their IGNORANCE is the primary weapon of containment. A great man once said, ‘The best way to hide something from Black people, is to put it in a book.’ They have […]

A painful reminder of cultural genocide

  What was supposed to be just another amateur wrestling match held in southern New Jersey on Dec. 19 turned out to be an act of unspeakable violence, prompting a viral response on Twitter. A white male referee, Alan Mahoney, gave a white woman a pair of scissors to cut off the dreadlocks of 15-year-old […]

Uprooting Racism

Image Credit: Paul Kivel – Uprooting Racism Cover Art As we transition into this New Year, let’s have new candid conversations on issues that pervade society’s consciousness — like race. The oppression and  objectification of people of color in the U.S has lead to countless assaults: including grotesque killings of children and threats of building border walls. Andit’s […]

Dec. 25, 1837: Seminole Anti-colonial Struggle

By William Katz On Christmas day in 1837, the Africans and Native Americans who formed Florida’s Seminole Nation defeated a vastly superior U.S. invading army bent on cracnsking this early rainbow coalition and returning the Africans to slavery. Though it reads like a Hollywood thriller, this amazing story has yet to capture public attention. It […]

US Empire on the Ropes

by Nellie Bailey and Glen Ford We are witnessing “the beginning of the end of a world order that was hatched after World War Two,” said Duboisian scholar Dr Anthony Monteiro. “What I see is a retreat from empire, based on a popular uprising of the people who have to pay the cost of empire” through austerity […]

Amerikan Crime: How Capitalism + White Supremacy Created Chicago’s Black Ghetto

Part 1: Great Migration and the Brutal Reality of the “Promised Land” There would be no United States as we now know it today without slavery. Hoping to escape the bitter poverty and lynch mob terror of the South when they reached the supposed “Promised Land” in cities like Chicago, Black people found themselves exploited […]

Amerikan Crime:1915-1934: The U.S. Invasion, Occupation and Domination of Haiti

    THE CRIME: On July 28, 1915, U.S. President Woodrow Wilson ordered 330 U.S. Marines to invade Haiti’s capital city of Port-au-Prince. This was the beginning of a 19-year U.S. occupation that didn’t end until 1934. At the time of the invasion the political situation in Haiti and the government itself were extremely unstable. U.S. […]