Victory: Silencing Act SB 508 Struck Down!

  #FreddieGray    #BlackLivesMatter    #BaltimoreUprising We won! As of yesterday, we defeated Pennsylvania’s “Gag Mumia Law”, SB 508.  It’s hard to rejoice in this victory when Mumia is under medical neglect, riot police are terrorizing Baltimore, and the state violence that killed Freddie Gray and is putting Mumia’s life on the line is not unique […]


The time has come to release the long-suffering prisoners of the war on marijuana. It is absurd that people remain in jail for “crimes” relating to marijuana that are already legal in numerous states. HIGH TIMES asks that you please take the time to sign this petition addressed to U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch and […]

Baltimore and the Human Right to Resistance

Rejecting the Framework of the Oppressor by AJAMU BARAKA Anti-Black racism, always just beneath the surface of polite racial discourse in the U.S., has exploded in reaction to the resistance of black youth to another brutal murder by the agents of this racist, settler-colonialist state. With the resistance, the focus shifted from the brutal murder […]

L.A. Standz With the Baltimore Uprising- Solidarity Rally

L.A. STANDS WITH THE BALTIMORE UPRISING SATURDAY, MAY 2, 12NOON – L.A. CITY HALL (West Steps, 200 N Spring St.) #LA2Baltimore     The mass media, politicians and police are in a frenzy demonizing the heroic Black youth of Baltimore, who have taken a defiant stand against a status quo of regular racist harassment by […]

It’z Not Just the Copz

Public defenders know that the trouble with our justice system extends far beyond abusive policing. Jonathan Rapping (Flickr/Krystian Olszanski) One has to admire the way we, as a country, have paid tribute to the lives of Rafael Ramos and Wenijan Liu, the two New York police officers shot to death while sitting in their police […]

Rise of the New Black Radicalz

  A protester raises his fist outside the Baltimore Police Department’s Western District police station during a march and vigil for Freddie Gray last Tuesday. Gray died of a spinal injury April 19 while he was in police custody. (AP / Patrick Semansky) By Chris Hedges The almost daily murders of young black men and […]

Black Empowerment for Kidz: Free Breakfast Program Kickz Off

by Lisa Loving Ahjamu Umi discusses racism, sexism, and writing during a release party for his novel, ‘Find the Flower that Blooms,’ at Reflections Coffee and Books, Feb. 18, 2012. Photo by K. Kendall A dedicated Pan Africanist group in Portland is reviving a classic community service project from the days of the Black Panther […]

The Untold Story Behind New York’z Most Brutal Kop Killingz

After the social upheavals of the 1960s failed to trigger the vast systemic changes many protesters sought, the early 1970s saw a number of militant groups form secret underground cells that pledged to use violence in an attempt to fight for civil rights, end the Vietnam War and, in the minds of the hard core, […]