LAPD Kill Unarmed Mentally Ill Veteran on TV — And Their Defense Won’t Shock You

Brian Beaird never appeared to be a threat to the officers who shot him 21 times. By Shaun King He went for his waistband. Yeah, it’s so strange how much unarmed men, confronted by police with guns drawn, seem to LOVE digging in their waistband. Police claimed that they thought they saw Brian Beaird do […]

Black Abolitionistz

  Zinn Education Project. 2014 Brief bios of 24 black abolitionists Textbooks and state curricula devote little attention to the abolition movement, let alone to black abolitionists. To counter the invisibility of black abolitionists who were central to the abolition movement and the ending of slavery, we feature two dozen black abolitionists here. (This collection was […]

Philadelphia DA suez Gov. Wolf

Over the Death Penalty Moratorium District Attorney (DA) Seth Williams, who is flirting with a run for Senate, threw a fit over the recent Death Penalty Moratorium by filing a 25 page legal challenge on Wednesday February 18th.   Williams has taken umbrage to Gov. Wolf’s determination to issue reprieves and claims that “The governor’s […]

Prison Radio vs. Kane

An Update on the Historic Legal Case If you are in the Harrisburg area come support Prison Radio, Human Rights Coalition, Educators for Mumia Abu-Jamal and others as we take the first steps towards knocking down the “Revictimization Relief Act.” This unconstitutional law was enacted in response to Abu-Jamal’s October commencement speech at Goddard College, and is widely […]

Buffalo NY, Demand Justice at Attica Brutality Trial

In 2011 a young incarcerated man George Williams (29) was severely beaten by 4 prison guards at Attica Correctional Facility. He suffered 2 broken legs, a broken collar bone and a broken eye socket among other injuries. To add insult the injury, the officers planted a razor blade on Williams. It is also is an […]

The Disappeared: Police Detain Amerikanz at Abuse-Laden ‘Black Site’

A secret interrogation facility revealz aspectz of war on terror in Amerika. ‘They were held incommunicado for much longer than I think should be permitted in this country – anywhere – but particularly given the strong constitutional rights afforded to people who are being charged with crimes,” said Sarah Gelsomino, the lawyer for Brian Jacob […]

Black Livez Matter: Police Repression, the US, and the Politikal Crisis in Haiti

By Claire Gilbert In the United States we’ve spent months zeroing in on the reality of police brutality against Black people.  We’ve been grateful to see and take part in a growing movement that addresses structural racism—pointing out that Black people are disproportionately more likely to die at the hands of police, face institutional racism, […]

‘The Diary of Malcolm X’: Champion of Pan-Afrikan liberation in hiz own wordz

by Patrick Delices Today, on the 50th anniversary of the assassination of our “Black shining prince,” as Ossie Davis described Malcolm X in his eulogy, we highlight the 2013 book, “The Diary of Malcolm X,” by award-winning journalist Herb Boyd and Malcolm’s daughter, human rights activist and author Ilyasah Shabazz. They had planned to release […]

Former Black Panther Speakz on Malcolm X’z Legacy

  Eddie Conway, the former Defense chief for the Black Panther’s Baltimore Chapter, spoke to teleSUR English’s as part our of Black History Month coverage. During the month of February, teleSUR English is covering Black History Month. As part of our extensive coverage, we spoke with Marshall “Eddie” Conway, the former Minister of Defense of […]

How Many European Women Have Life Insurance Policiez On United Statez Prisonerz

  An increase in European women visiting death row inmates has been brought to the forefront. Additionally, there is an increase in these women visiting state and federal prisons. It is said that many of these women are marrying prisoners and placing life insurance on inmates. Especially those facing capital murder. We will discuss this […]