Servant Of God Mother Mary Lange, O.S.P.

Elizabeth Clarisse Lange (Mother Mary Lange of the Oblate Sisters of Providence) was born circa 1784 and died February 3, 1882. Mother Mary Lange founded the Oblate Sisters of Providence in 1829. The Oblates were the first United States based religious order of women of color. The Oblate Sisters were role models who provided an […]

Dec. 25, 1837: Seminole Anti-colonial Struggle

By William Katz On Christmas day in 1837, the Africans and Native Americans who formed Florida’s Seminole Nation defeated a vastly superior U.S. invading army bent on cracnsking this early rainbow coalition and returning the Africans to slavery. Though it reads like a Hollywood thriller, this amazing story has yet to capture public attention. It […]

The End of Amerikan Thanksgivings: A Cause for Universal Rejoicing

by Glen Ford The exterminationist holiday, once unique to the US, is now celebrated in Cananda and Australia, also colonial settler states.   Nobody but Americans celebrates Thanksgiving. It is reserved by history and the intent of “the founders” as the supremely white American holiday, the most ghoulish event on the national calendar. No Halloween of […]


By Nick Douglas The water debacle in the city of Flint, Michigan and the proposed pipeline in Standing Rock reservation in the Dakotas have brought similarities in the plights of African Americans and Native Americans into sharp historical focus. Today the U.S. government has continued to try to divide these allies by framing a clean water […]

Nov. 20, 1969: Alcatraz Occupation

This Day in History- November 20, 1969 Indian occupiers moments after their removal from Alcatraz Island on June 11, 1971. Left: Oohosis, Cree from Canada. Right: Peggy Lee Ellenwood, Sioux from Wolf Point, Montana. Source: © Ilka Hartmann On Nov. 20, 1969, a dramatic and unprecedented event took place in California that focused attention on […]

What White Supremacists Know

The violent theft of land and capital is at the core of the U.S. experiment: the U.S. military got its start in the wars against Native Amerikans. by Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz  Soldiers posing with Hotchkiss guns used in Wounded Knee Massacre, Library of Congress   The United States has been at war every day since its founding, […]

How the Government’s Surveillance Practices Criminalize Communities of Color

“We’re demanding more transparency and accountability around existing law enforcement surveillance practices, and urging our Congressional leaders of color to intervene on our behalf to prevent further exclusion, dehumanization and violence.” Steven Renderos, Ramla Sahid Photo: Frank Serpico (@franklyfrank) via Twenty20 SHARE The Trump administration’s executive orders singling out immigrants and refugees of color, including the “Muslim ban” recently upheld by […]

Amerikan Crime; December 26, 1862: The Lynching of 38 Dakota Men―The Largest Mass Execution in U.S. (united snakes) History

Lynching of 38 Dakota (Santee Sioux) men, December 26, 1862.   THE CRIME On December 26, 1862, in the midst of the U.S. Civil War (April 1861-May 1865), and in the same week that the Emancipation Proclamation was issued, President Abraham Lincoln ordered 38 Dakota Santee Sioux men sent to the gallows in Mankato, Minnesota. […]

From Microaggressions to Legalized Lynching: Weaponizing Police Against Black People

by Cherise Charleswell Thanks to social media’s ability to help news headlines (and those stories that don’t even make it out through mainstream media) go viral, Black people and other people of color are beginning to receive some vindication. For many years, our testimonies about our lived experiences with micoaggressions and overt racism have often been […]

NYPD Prey on Black and Brown Youth

by  Black Agenda Radio with Nellie Bailey and Glen Ford New York City police are using a 42,000-name “gang” database to prey on Black and brown youth, said Sadiki “Bro Shep” Olugbala, of the Stop The Raids Coalition. Hundreds of Black and brown youth are being locked up” in massive police sweeps, “with no real legal […]