Fourth World Radyo: The #BaltimoreUprising and Afro-Academic Schadenfreude

by aboriginalpress Summary:  @TheAngryindian speaks with San Francisco-based independent journalist and film-maker Rebecca Pierce (@aptly_engineerd / about the ‘Don’t Judge Blacks Differently’ video starring Chloe Valdary, a pro-Zionist American African student sponsored by Prager University: [] and the problems it presents to general public comprehension of the multifaceted historical and legal issues that sparked […]

Fourth World Radyo: The Dogs of Race War: Negro Mercenariez and The Baltimore Uprising

Summary: This dispatch concerns the events leading up to and surrounding the recent killing of yet another unarmed American African, Freddie Gray, by ‘Peace’ Officers in the US city of Baltimore, MD for the crime of ‘looking at the officer directly in the eye’. The young man’s neck, spine and larynx were crushed and broken […]

Fourth World Radyo: 500 More Yearz of White Racist Colonialism And Abuse?

by aboriginalpress Foto via: Summary: TheAngryindian offers his thoughts on the daylight, public execution of Walter Scott by a murderous United States police officer in the American South; his disgust at the unforgivable colonialist disrespect and institutional misogyny shown by the Euro-settler Canadian justice system to the loss of First Nations #MMIW victim, Sister […]

Breaking Newz: Fourth World Radyo: Politikal Prisoner #Mumia abu-Jamal: Medical Crisis Update 02.04.2015

Political Prisoner #Mumia abu-Jamal: Medical Crisis Update 02.04.2015 – APNS Public Radyo Summary: The APNSPR 60-Plus second Indigenist News Report — Listen / Download: 00:01:34 128Kbps mp3 — (1MB) Stereo — Primary data culled from: — Mumia Reportedly transferred back to Prison Infirmary Breaking News. Dateline: Thurs. April 2st. Pottsville, PA : Mumia was […]

4th World Radyo: Conscious Being And Ethical Nothingnezz 01.03.2015

Summary: TheAngryindian offers his thoughts on the untimely transition of North American Indigenous activist and Leonard Peltier supporter Ms. Joan Rodriguez (known on Twitter as @Joanie399) and the passing of actor Leonard Nimoy and his importance as a cultural icon for people of mixed-heritage around the world. Spoken word follows in the main segment and […]

4th World Radyo: American Sniper & American Exceptionalism (01.30.2015)

Summary: TheAngryindian speaks on the US literary and cinematic pro-war propaganda mill and its deification of USN Senior Chief Petty Officer Chris Kyle, an unrepentant ethnic bigot and sociopathic mass-killer who also claimed to have knocked former Gov. Jesse Ventura to the ground over his principled opposition to the ‘War on Terror’. Special Musical Guest: […]

4thWorldRadyo: Intellectual Bankruptcy and Afrikan Substance (2015.01.04)

  Indigenist Media for Intelligent Aboriginals 07/01/2015 4thWorldRadyo: Intellectual Bankruptcy and African Substance (2015.01.04) Summary: This dispatch features TheAngryindian in conversation (via Skype) with US-based African political theorist and Afrocentric educator/activist Malichi Daniels (@Fanonian) as they speak freely about the Bobby Seale letter to the Afro-American community, recent remarks made by Oprah Winfrey concerning the ‘lack’ […]

4th World Radyo: Eurosettler Amerika: From Crispuz Attuckz To Mike Brown (12.03.2014)

Summary:  TheAngryindian presents another stream of Afro-Indigenist deconstruction on the blatant pro-European racialism of the reactionary right-wing/Libertarian in the United States and the rest of the Anglophone World. ALSO: extra commentary from indy broadcaster Mike Malloy ( speaking on the strange political and cultural relationship between the US and the Jewish State of the Levant […]

3rd World Solidarity: Global Revolution And The Question Of African Political Integrity (10.13.2014)

by aboriginalpress Summary: The international struggle for human justice is the subject. #Ferguson, Missouri and the Occupied Territories of the Gaza have many similarities as well as many differences. Why are committed activists deeply involved within their respective struggles now quarrelling over whether or not the arbitrary killing of young African men in the US […]

4th World Radyo: ‘AmerIndians & Africans Navigating The Orwellian Zone’

Summary: TheAngryindian discusses the strange, wavering and ultimately hypocritical intellectual morass that is modern popular culture and the impact it has on the Indigenous and African communities of North America. Extra: a recent conversation with Bob Kincaid of Head-on-Radio (The Horn) broadcasting from the Scots-Irish environs of Appalachia and new (Strong) protest music from African […]