Race in the US: Herstory A brief and painful history of state violence against black women and girls.

by Treva Lindsey “Get out of the car! I will light you up! Get out!” The words of Texas highway patrol trooper Brian Encinia to Sandra Bland after he pulled her over for a failure to signal powerfully capture a rarely discussed reality – the pervasiveness of anti-black state violence against black women. Her subsequent death […]

Detroit’ Is One Of The Most Irresponsible And Dangerous Movies Of the Year

The film is egregious, both in what it includes and what it omits.   By Mary Phillips Assistant Professor, Lehman College, CUNY   The church was packed. “Watch accurate justice administered by citizens of the community,” a flier announced. “Review and watch the evidence for yourself.” Nearly two thousand black people and a smattering of whites […]

Lynching by Any Other Name

From the early 1900s until 1938, the NAACP flew an anti-lynching flag from its Manhattan headquarters. / Photo: Library of Congress, Prints & Photographs Division, Visual Materials from the NAACP Records by CHRISTOPHER LEBRON On June 2 Jasmine Richards, founder of the Pasadena, California, chapter of Black Lives Matter, was convicted of “felony lynching” and sentenced to […]

Reparations is Dead: How to Resurrect It

by Dr. Jahi Issa and Reggie Mabry The moral case for Black reparations has effectively been made, but the legal argument has met much frustration in the courts. The authors believe that the period after 1808, when U.S. participation in the international slave trade was outlawed, is key to clearing the legal hurdles to reparations. […]

What the Nazis Learned from Amerika

  BY JESSICA BLATT Until the recent presidential election cycle, most of us had never heard of the “alt-right.” To those of us who had (likely because we spend too much time on social media), the term evoked a murky fringe. We thought of alienated, white 20-something men in their parents’ basements, spreading hateful propaganda and […]

Help Afrikan-Amerikan Families Maintain Their Historic Property On Hilton Head Island, SC.

Back to Call To Action – Now Is The Time! Discussions Petitioning Mayor, Town of Hilton Head David Bennett and 6 others. Sign The Petition Hilton Head Island, SC is famously known for its luxurious resorts, picturesque golf courses, and beautiful beaches.  However, there is an untold story of the many struggles and racial discriminatory practices that many […]


The “Obama Legacy” Besides Carrying Out War and Aggression All Over the World and Committing Crimes Against Humanity… Besides Deporting Nearly 3 Million Immigrants… Besides Not Only Leaving Intact But Sharpening Up the Repressive Powers He Inherited From Bush…   Barack Obama was America’s first Black president—put in office by a ruling class that badly […]

How the terror of lynchings in the past haunts us today and our future

By Jonathan Capehart Natasha Gray holds a placard as she gathers with other protesters across the street from the police department in Ferguson, Mo., on Sept. 26, 2014. (Whitney Curtis/Reuters)   Two years ago, the Equal Justice Initiative, based in Montgomery, Ala., shook us out of our collective historical slumber to force us to reckon with […]

Allison Davis: Forgotten black scholar studied – and faced – structural racism in 1940s Amerika

Allison Davis, circa 1965. Courtesy of the Davis family.     When black historian Carter G. Woodson founded Negro History Week in 1926 (expanded to Black History Month in 1976), the prevailing sentiment was that black people had no history. They were little more than the hewers of wood and the drawers of water who, […]

The Monarchy of Materialism: Understanding White Fragility

by Sonia Calista In my frustratingly liberal Ivy League classroom, I raised my hand. My professor, a former editor in the New York Times, had opened class by saying that people are misguided in fearing Trump; most of his anti-immigration orders will be shot down by the courts. I told her, calmly, that the fear […]