On visiting George

Black August iz a few dayz. U know wha time it iz.. by Dr. Tolbert Small George Jackson was a legendary prisoner who was attempting to organize the Blacks, Latinos and poor whites under their common linkage as victims of an exploitative class system. At that time, he was incarcerated in the San Quentin Adjustment […]

Commemoration set for 45th Anniversary of Carl Hampton Assassination

The Police Assassination of Carl Hampton On July 26, 1970, Carl Bernard Hampton, one of Black America’s most articulate, courageous and heroic, young leaders was ruthlessly slain by the Houston Police Department’s Central Intelligence Division (CID). At the age of 21, Carl was a tireless organizer who worked day and night to establish People’s Party […]

Update on “Operation Ghetto Storm”- The Enduring War on Black People in the United Statez

by Arlene Eisen* Part 1  http://www.telesurtv.net/english/opinion/Update-on-Operation-Ghetto-Storm-Part-1-20150713-0007.html Part 2: http://www.telesurtv.net/english/opinion/Update-on-Operation-Ghetto-Storm-Part-2–20150715-0033.html Part 3: http://www.telesurtv.net/english/opinion/Update-on-Operation-Ghetto-Storm-Part-3-20150721-0013.html All three parts are published by TeleSur English   “Once the classic method of lynching was the rope. Now it is the policeman’s bullet….We submit that the evidence suggests that the killing of Negroes has become police policy in the United States and […]

It’z Not Just the Confederate Flag

  By William Loren Katz The Confederate flag represents a threat to citizens of color, a symbol of treason against the United States, and a war fought on behalf of slaveholders. But there are other equally offensive symbols that have not attracted the attention they should. For example, a statue of former South Carolina governor […]

Malcolm on Lumumba: He was “the Greatest Afrikan”

Had he not been assassinated in 1961, Patrice Lumumba, the first democratically elected prime minister of the Congo, would have been 90 years old on July 2. Maurice Carney, of Friends of the Congo, notes that this year also marks the 90th birthday of Malcolm X, assassinated in 1965. “To a large extent, it was […]

Are Beethoven’z Afrikan Originz Revealed By Hiz Music?

A secluded life devoted to music, powder worn on his face in public and body doubles who sat in for him for portraits – these devices allowed Beethoven to hide his African heritage to all but the Viennese elite. After his death, a Euro-centric vision of “greatness” unwittingly upheld this illusion – originally created by the Master himself. […]

“Iola,” Princess of the Press: The Story of Feminist Anti-Lynching Crusader, Ida B. Welllz-Barnett, by Kiilu Nyasha

“I then began an investigation of every lynching I read about.  By 1893, over a thousand Black men, women and children had been hanged, shot and burned to death by white mobs in America.” A tireless champion of her people, Ida B. Wells was the first of eight children born to Jim and Elizabeth Wells […]

Rememberance 13 May Day of Infamy

By Christina Coleman <img alt=”MOVE Philly bombing” src=”http://ioneglobalgrind.files.wordpress.com/2013/09/ap96062002423_custom-5d492a47f4cce128a4f480afcc4eb2290e2e2b69-s4-c85.jpg?w=824&h=610″ width=”824″ height=”610″ /> On May 13, 1985, a bomb was dropped on a row house in Philadelphia, unleashing a relentless fire that eventually burned down 61 houses, killed 11 people (including five children) and injured dozens. The fire department stood by idly. The Philadelphia Police Department did […]

On Thiz Day In History (our story)

Blacks celebrate abolition from slavery Date: Thu, 1866-04-19 On this date in 1866, the Black citizens of Washington, D.C., celebrated the abolition of slavery. A demonstration of 4,000 to 5,000 people assembled at the White House there they were addressed by (then) President Andrew Johnson. Marching past 10,000 cheering spectators, the procession, led by two […]