Black Panthers 50 Yearz Later: What They Wanted Iz What We (Still) Need

by Alondra Nelson  Two generations ago, a group of young people stood up and demanded education, housing, food, jobs and health care. It was a transformational move, still worthy of celebrating. Two armed Black Panthers, carrying a shotgun, and a semi-automatic rifle, talking to officer Lt. Ernest Holloway at the State Drafted by founders Huey […]

The Black Pantherz were the 60’z vanguard

The group shook the United States with its confrontational attitude against racism and state power by Breno Altman “They are the greatest threat to the country’s internal security”, stated John Edgar Hoover, the powerful head of the FBI, during a meeting in which he declared open war on the young African-American political party, which, in […]

Secret FBI program coordinated political repression in the United Statez (united snakez)

Clandestine measures to combat rebel groups. Illegal arrests and trials. This was the US federal police’s formula during the Cold War by Breno Altman The Americans had their eyes glued to the television. That night, March 8th,1971, Joe Frazier and Muhammad Ali were fighting each other at Madison Square Garden, a traditional indoor arena in […]

Off the Pigz!

Year Of The Panther – Michael McCarthy

Freedom (Theme From Panther)

Various Artistz Freedom Rap Version   Various Atristz – Freedom (Theme From Panther)


INTRODUCTION TO: “ON LUMPEN IDEOLOGY”   This particular work by Eldridge was published after the 1971 split in the Black Panther Party, the approximate time was 1973-1974, and it was published by the Black Liberation Front of England. Here, Eldridge continues to demonstrate his strength and political value as a visionary and theoretician for the […]

Auctioned page from Eldridge Cleaver diary: “They [The African People’z Socialist Party] reject me…” Page from Eldridge Cleaver’s diary which sold for $700   OAKLAND––In 2008 a handwritten page from the diary of Eldridge Cleaver sold for $700. Among other things, Cleaver’s diary reveals the history of The African People’s Socialist Party’s determination to forward the African revolution even after its brutal and bloody defeat by the U.S. […]

Free Em All Radio! W/ Chairman Fred Hampton Jr & The Lady of Rage!

Tune in tonight, April 13, 2016 to Str8up Realtalk Radio Network for “Free Em All Radio! W/ Chairman Fred Hampton Jr & The Lady of Rage!” Tonight Our Host will be speaking with Former Seattle Black Panther Party Captain Aaron Dixon in a continuintg series commemorating The Legacy of The Black Panther Party with commentary and […]


The media’s timid treatment of the Black Panthers and Black Lives Matter. by  John Perazzo After spending the past 43 years in solitary confinement in the Louisiana State Penitentiary, 69-year-old Albert Woodfox, a former Black Panther, was recently set free as part of a plea deal with state prosecutors. Exhibiting not a shred of remorse […]