Once a Panther alwayz a Panther: Reflectionz on the 50th Anniversary of the BPP

This month marks the 50th anniversary of the founding of the Black Panther Party for Self Defense in Oakland, California. As an original White Panther, my involvement with the Panthers began in 1968, when I hooked up with WPP members in Chicago during the protests outside the Democratic National Convention. The MC5, the house band […]

George L. Jackson

George Jackson iz a legendary  figure and a hero. He set the standard for and inspired prisonerz, and politikal prisonerz, for people, to put hiz idea’z into practice. And so hiz spirit became a living thing. Hiz spirit goez on because hiz ideaz live.  – Huey P. Newton 

Politikal Prisoner Maliki Shakur Latine Released!

Maliki Shakur Latine is out of prison after 37 years behind the walls!!! December 7, 2016 / justiceformaliki We are pleased to share some good news in troubling times! Through organization, collaboration, and a shared belief that change is possible, Maliki Shakur Latine just walked out of prison on parole after 37 years!! He is finally […]

Cultural Night for International Human Rights Day

we hope you will JOIN us on saturday, December 10th… scheduled to appear: DK Dyson, Verbal Artisan, Ailyah Hakim-El, Amina Baraka, Infinite Wiz, Divine RBG, Njema, Topeka Sam, Pam Africa, Sekou Odinga, Tarin Gonzalez, Existence is Resistance, Dahoud Andre, Lakou Radio and others… please also SHARE with your networks…thank you..Peace & much Appreciation  — FREE […]

YOUNGBLOOD (A poem by Assata Shakur)

They think they killed you But I saw you yesterday, standing with your hands in your pocket waiting for the real deal to go down. I saw you smiling your “fuck it” smile, blood in your eyes, your heart pumping freedom Youngblood! They think they killed you. But I saw you yesterday in the playground. […]

The Black Pantherz’ Lessonz for Jamaikanz on Police Violence

By: Ajamu Nangwaya The Black Panthers’ militant, assertive and courageous pushback against the police’s violent class and race containment practices should be replicated. Amnesty International’s recently released report “Waiting in Vain: Jamaica: Unlawful police killings and relatives’ long struggle for justice” documents the murderous and violent behavior of the police within the island’s African working-class communities. […]

Rep. Rush revealz startling detailz of Panther Party Assassinationz

By Chinta Strausberg, Chicago Crusader The celebration of Rep. Bobby L. Rush’s 70th birthday comes days before the anniversary of a tragic event he will never forget. He recently shared his reflection of the December 4, 1969 assassination of Black Panther Party leaders, Fred Hampton and Mark Clark, killed by Chicago police in a pre-dawn […]

Update on Mumia’z Hep C Lawsuit

— Rachel Wolkenstein, November 28, 2016 On August 31, 2016, Federal district court judge Robert Mariani denied Mumia Abu-Jamal’s motion for a preliminary injunction that would have compelled the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections (DOC) to provide him with the direct-acting antiviral drugs capable of curing his chronic hepatitis C and his secondary symptoms, including his […]

The need for a united front against fascism

by Elbert ‘Big Man’ Howard If there was ever a time to organize around a United Front Against Fascism, it is now. The next leader of the “free world” has just been “elected” – more like “selected” – to be president of the United States. He has thereby been given the authority to use power […]