Hugo Pinell, like George Jackson, shall ever be an example of Nu- Afrikan manhood: three perspectivez

In memory of Hugo (Yogi) Pinnell, a universal urban guerilla by Khalfani Malik Khaldun “And we made them leaders guiding men by our command, and we sent them inspiration to do good deeds, to establish regular prayers, and to practice regular charity, and they constantly served us and only us.” – Anbiyaa 21:73 All power […]


The Continued Sickening of Mumia! by ‘littleRed             The sinister “sickening”of Mumia Abu Jamal continues!             The NYC Free Mumia Coalition just hosted a critical but disturbing update on the latest with the world’s most famous political prisoner.             At issue is how Pennsylvania Corrections will just not give this man the medical treatment he […]

Black Panthers: ‘Young Revolutionaries at War’

EARL CALDWELL / New York Times 6sep68 Militant Negroes Depict Role As Protectors of Race Against the Police David Parker sat on he can, metal folding chair just inside the storefront for Black Panthers occupy on Nostrand Avenue in Brooklyn and looked out into the empty street. “Why am I a Panther?” he asked slowly. […]

Why Was Denzil Dowell Killed April First 3.50 a.m.

The Black Panther v.1, n.1, 25apr67   I BELIEVE THE POLICE MURDERED MY SON” SAYS THE MOTHER OF DENZIL DOWELL. Brothers and Sisters of the Richmond community, here is the view of the family’s side of the death of Denzil Dowell as compiled by the Black Panther Party for Self Defense, concerned citizens, and the […]

Remembering the Black Panther Party newspaper, April 25, 1967- September 1980

by Billy X Jennings The Black Panther Party newspaper was founded by Huey Newton and Bobby Seale in 1967. The BPP newspaper was created to inform, educate and organize the people and promote the 10-Point Program and Platform. The BPP newspaper grew from a four-page newsletter to a full newspaper in about a year and […]

Revolutionising the people: Interview with Black Panther Emory Douglas

by Katie Wood and Manolya Moustafa Emory Douglas at a tour of his exhibition ‘Freedom Now: The Art of Black Liberation’ at Marxism 2015 conference Early in 1967, radical Black artist Emory Douglas was invited to an organising meeting for the visit of Malcolm X’s widow, Betty Shabazz, to the Bay Area in California. Emory […]

Listen up! The European iz not your friend

Assata Shakur, Nu-Afrikan activist, former member of the Black Panther Party (BPP) and the 1st woman to make the FBI’z Most Wanted Terrorist list, haz written an open letter to studentz at the University of Cape Town. Queen Mother Assata Shakur s/n Joanne Chesimard Assata Olugbala Shakur writes to UCT students I have been watching with great interest your […]

From Mother Afrika To NYC: Hip Hop Culture Across The Middle Passage

Saturday, April 11th, 7:00pm    The Universal Zulu Nation and A New Black Arts Movement Present   (From Mother Afrika To NYC: Hip Hop Culture Across The Middle Passage)   Mama C: Urban Warrior in the African Bush   Joanne Hershfield, 2012, 54 min. The film explores Charlotte O’Neal’s, aka Mama C’s, decade’s long project […]

BK/NY – Tuesday, April 14 – Letter-writing to Seth Hayes and Abdul Majid

WHAT: Political Prisoner Letter-Writing Dinner WHEN: 7pm sharp, Tuesday, April 14th, 2015 WHERE: The Base – 1302 Myrtle Avenue Brooklyn, New York 11221 (directions below) NOTE: The Base is on the ground floor, is wheelchair accessible, and has a gender neutral toilet. COST: Free In the announcements for our every-other-week political prisoner letter-writing dinners, NYC ABC typically […]

Politikal Prisoner Radio: Alert! Prisoner health crisis for several politikal prisonerz

Download Podcast Tune in to Political Prisoner Radio for some of the latest in political prisoner and prisoner of war news in the United States. Featured speakers and commentary. Tonight we will be speaking with Mrs. Sheila Hayes, wife of political prisoner Robert “Seth” Hayes. Robert Seth Hayes has been a political prisoner held by the New York […]