Stokely Carmichael and Black Power This week marks the 50th anniversary of the passage of the Civil Rights Act. At the end of June, 1964, Stokely Carmichael, Martin Luther King Jr., and hundreds of civil rights activists marched across Mississippi to register African-American voters in one of the turning points of the civil rights movement. In remembrance of […]

Virgin Islandz 3 Case Movez to the U.N. Commission on Human Rightz, exposing U.S. Piracy in the Caribbean

     I am writing to update you on the latest strategic developments in the matter of the Virgin Islands 3,  which has been a Black grassroots strategic challenge to expose the racist political imprisonment of not only these three men, but of at least 140 others by the U.S. Having now legally boxed the […]

Afro-Trap Group The.Wav Celebratez Female Diversity in the ‘Love Gamez’ Visualz

Afro-Trap Group The.Wav Celebrates Female Diversity in the ‘Love Games’ Visuals by killak   The.Wav is a musical collective that fuses its members’ diverse roots—Tanzanian, Indonesian, Trinidadian, Bajan, Afro-Cuban, and many more—into a sound they describe as Afro-Trap. “Love Games,” the LA-based group’s latest single which we premiered last month, synthesizes dancehall and afrobeats rhythms into a jam […]

I Never Wanted Nate Parker’z Revolution: Dominique Matti On ‘Birth Of A Nation’

by Dominique Matti Nate Parker as Nat Turner in a still from his forthcoming film Birth Of A Nation It took me four years to call what happened to me rape. I knew I didn’t know how it happened. I knew I didn’t want it to happen. I knew I never gave permission for it […]

Transcriptz of BPP/BLA PPz Robert Seth Hayes and Jalil Muntaqim Parole Denialz

Robert Seth Hayes had his scheduled parole board hearing on June 14, 2016. For the tenth time, the NYS Parole Board has denied Robert Seth Hayes parole, for all the same reasons they have denied him the prior nine times. Seth had a great parole packet with housing, employment, volunteer opportunities, college opportunities, medical support, […]

Chicago Copz Still Busting Afrikan-Amerikanz for Marijuana Despite Decriminalization

by Mike Adams Photo by Getty Images Although minor marijuana possession has been considered a minor infraction for the past few years in Chicago, a recent investigation conducted by the Chicago Sun-Times found that the boys in blue have continued to take the average citizen to jail for this offense—doing the most damage inside African-American […]

August 1968 – Fort Hood, Texaz, Black GIz resist ‘riot-control’ duty

By John Catalinotto   Anger radiated through the barracks when orders reached the Black troops of the 1st Armored Division that they would be sent to Chicago on riot-control duty. GIs spread a message throughout Fort Hood, Texas, on Aug. 23, 1968: They would meet on the grassy area at the main intersection of the […]

My Vision for Afrika/Afrikanz

First and foremost to PURGE our minds, hearts, bodies and souls of white supremacy because all of thee a fore mentioned are iINFESTED with ‘it’. 2) For conscious Afrikans to begin to campaign aggressively for perpetual access to the masses of our youth. 3)The tearing down of ALL european constructed walls in the midst of […]

Black Power 96.3FM: From Haiti to Ferguson

Chairman Omali Yeshitela Performancez by St. Pete hip hop artist Evan Prescott and other local talent Celebrating African Resistance from Haiti to Ferguson Fundraising to launch Black Power 96.3 FM Radio  

9-Year Old Entrepreneur Landz Million Dollar Contract with Whole Foodz

    How did a 9-year old, Mikaila Ulmer of Sugar Land, TX, beat out the conglomerate giants such as Kraft, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Procter & Gamble to land coveted shelf space and a million dollar contract with Whole Foods? Her precocious response? “I don’t know? Do they make theirs with love?” Her company, Bee Sweet Lemonade, […]