The Spook Who Sat By The Door (FULL MOVIE & 2011 Video Interviewz With Sam Greenlee)

“I made a Guerrilla style film about a Guerrilla war [here in Amerika]!!!….I wrote it for the Brothers and Sistas on tha’ Block.” —- Sam Greenlee, 2011 You are about to witness an IDEA Sooo fuckin’ powerful that the Amerikan government tried to stop the printing of the book, Intimidated people out of financing the […]

“Iola,” Princess of the Press: The Story of Feminist Anti-Lynching Crusader, Ida B. Welllz-Barnett, by Kiilu Nyasha

“I then began an investigation of every lynching I read about.  By 1893, over a thousand Black men, women and children had been hanged, shot and burned to death by white mobs in America.” A tireless champion of her people, Ida B. Wells was the first of eight children born to Jim and Elizabeth Wells […]

Remembering Malcolm X

Since the untimely transition of Malcolm X in 1965, movement forces throughout the world have consistently commemorated his birthday. Malcolm X was born on May 19, 1925 in Omaha, Nebraska. It was on February 21, 1965 that Malcolm X was assassinated at the Audubon Ballroom in Manhattan, New York by forces that were trying to […]

A Black Girl’z Worth – HIPHOPMOMMA Princess Best Speaks (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Published on April 23, 2015. Music video by HIPHOPMOMMA Princess Best Speaks c. 2014. Directed &Shot by: Taylor Brown (Barbara Jean Productions), Jenay Shepperson, Crystal Roberts Editing by: Kendall LIttle (DK Filmworks) Follow HIPHOPMOMMA Princess Best Speaks FB: Princess Best Speaks Twitter: PB_Speaks IG: PRINCESSBESTSPEAKS Web: Stream/download “A Back Girl’s Worth” HERE: https://hiphopmommaprincessbestspeaks…. For […]


Petition to Stand with Baltimore – Our Youth Are Not Thugs! “A riot is the language of the unheard” — Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. SATURDAY, MAY 16: REGIONAL PROTEST IN BALTIMORE AND SOLIDARITY ACTIONS EVERYWHERE TO DEMAND AMNESTY! IN BALTIMORE, GATHER AT 3 P.M. AT MCKELDIN SQUARE, at Light & Pratt streets, downtown […]

Angola inmate arguez that three decadez in solitary iz unconstitutional punishment

by Annie Ourso and Julie Hebert For almost all of his more than three decades at Angola, Kenny “Zulu” Whitmore’s world has been framed by the 9-by-6-foot cell where he is kept for 23 hours each day. A self-professed member of the now-defunct Black Panther Party, Whitmore, 60, believes his long stay in what Louisiana […]

New Poem by Jalil Muntaqim

Elephants vs. Tigers Made in 400 years of racist suppression, now only 150 years of Black decompression, a mental time machine envisioning a future after this seemingly endless war. I emerge from the black-hole of white supremacy in a quantum leap, Dark Matter compressd into an atomic fusion of ancestral revolutionary determination. Black Lives Matter! […]

Wednesday May 13: 30 year Commemration of the 1985 Move Bombing

Brothers and Sisters, 30 years ago this Wednesday, the City of Philadelphia, in a show of extreme extrajudicial terrorism, surrounded the home of the MOVE organization, trapped a number of its members inside, and, in addition to isolating the building with an army of police and state officers, dropped an incendiary device on its roof, […]

On the 132nd Anniversary of His Birth Help Spread Knowledge of the Life and Work Of Black History Giant Hubert Harrison

By Dr. Jeffrey B. Perry, PhD “His views on race and class profoundly influenced a generation of “New Negro” militants including the class radical A. Philip Randolph and the race radical Marcus Garvey.” Hubert H. Harrison (1883-1927) is a true giant of Black, Caribbean, Diasporic African, and U.S. radical history. He was a brilliant writer, […]