Oscar López Rivera, Nelson Mandela, and U. S. Colonialism

By: Ángel L. Carrión Maymí   http://postcolonialist.com/civil-discourse/oscar-lopez-rivera-nelson-mandela-and-u-s-colonialism-english/   (Articulo en español)   Oscar López Rivera is a freedom fighter for the independence of Puerto Rico. He has the unenviable distinction of being the longest-held Puerto Rican political prisoner in the United States. He was charged with seditious conspiracy, that is, to conspire to end the […]

Social Work – An Institution of the Western Capitalist Empire

The USA, as the Black Panther Party explained, is an imperialist society ruled by racism and capitalism I am a graduate of Skidmore College. I majored in social work. I chose to major in social work because there was little else offered that I could relate to personally and politically. Most courses and majors prepared […]

The United States of War: An Addiction to Imperialism

by Solomon Comissiong The U.S. is Number One is weapons of war and domestic civilian gun deaths – and very little else. Historically, peace has not been a priority for the United States, which has waged war every decade since 1776. “The people must demand an end to war, not because it costs trillions of […]

Remember the Grenada Invasion

by BAR executive editor Glen Ford The U.S. pounced on the island nation of Grenada like an “elephant on a flea,” 30 years ago, to wipe out the remnants of a revolution. Adding insult to injury (and violation of international law), the U.S. pretended that Grenadians didn’t fight back. Instead, “for weeks, the Americans claimed […]

ULK34: Prisoner Health a Systematic Problem

by ULK Editor of MIM(Prisons)     September 2013     permalink Humyn health is perhaps the most basic measure of oppression that we have. More than economic exploitation, humyn health measures the degree to which the basic survival needs of people are being met. Looking at the conditions of health in U.$. prisons, as well as reservations, barrios and ghettos […]

“Columbus Day”

By Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz. For the Indigenous Nations of the Western Hemisphere “Columbus Day” is a day of mourning. The year 1492 is an abomination. But, October 12 arrives every year to torture the open sore of genocide, not as a reflective day of mourning and solidarity with Indigenous Peoples, as it should be.  It is […]

Urgent appeal: Libya sentences Pan-African educator to death by firing squad

by Yahaya Ezemoo Ndu and Gerald A. Perreira, African Revolutionary Movement   Dr. Ahmed Ibrahim Two days ago, the U.S.-NATO installed regime in Libya sentenced the respected academic and political philosopher Dr. Ahmed Ibrahim to death by firing squad. Dr. Ibrahim was once Libya’s secretary for education and is a Qaddafi loyalist. He has written […]

What tha 4th “U Lie” meanz to me az a Nu-Afrikan

Hypocrisy is on display every 4th of July and it’s  important for all to know that the birth of this nation is nothing to  celebrate. To celebrate the 4th of July is to celebrate the freedom of white  settlers to massacre indigenous people and steal their land further west. It  means celebrating the freedom of slaveowners […]

Edward Snowden: MLK Would be Proud!

Thomas Jefferson wrote, ‘I have sworn upon the alter of God eternal hostility to every form of tyranny over the mind of man.’ To the conformist and the shapers of the conformist mentality, this must surely sound like a most dangerous and radical doctrine. Have we permitted the lamp of independent thought and individualism to become […]