Kopz kill every 8 hourz in 2015

by Richard Becker One could easily get the impression from watching the corporate mass media or listening to public officials like President Obama and FBI director James Comey that the police death toll is rising rapidly and policing is an especially deadly occupation. In his Jan. 20, 2015, State of the Union address, Obama drew […]

On Black Women, Police Brutality, and the True Meaning of Black Liberation

Tasha Fierce Article by Tasha Fierce, Illustrated by Ebin Lee, appeared in issue Law & Order; published in 2015 On June 9, 1963, Fannie Lou Hamer was arrested in Montgomery County, Mississippi, along with June Johnson,Euvester Simpson, Rosemary Freeman,andAnnelle Ponder. The five women were on their way back from a voter registration workshop in South […]

Buffalo NY, Demand Justice at Attica Brutality Trial

In 2011 a young incarcerated man George Williams (29) was severely beaten by 4 prison guards at Attica Correctional Facility. He suffered 2 broken legs, a broken collar bone and a broken eye socket among other injuries. To add insult the injury, the officers planted a razor blade on Williams. It is also is an […]

How Did Amerika’z Police Forcez Get So Scary and Omnipresent?

  You can’t have a society owned and harvested by men like David Koch and Jamie Dimon without an enforcement mechanism. By Gaius Publius — from Digby’s Hullabaloo I found the following article, posted at Alternet and written by Sam Mitrani, a history professor at the College of DuPage, absolutely fascinating. We’ve been discussing, in […]

#NecessaryResistance to Police Terrorism w/Cynthia McKinney, Dhoruba Bin Wahad & Ward Churchill

If you are concerned w/how to deal with police terrorism & cointelpro check out thiz video and share it. Here’z what the vetz have to say… Strategy to Combat Police Brutality Town Hall Meeting held in Atlanta w/ esteemed panelists: Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney (former US Congresswoman) Dhoruba Bin Wahad (Black Panther Party/BLA Founder) Ward Churchill […]

Nebraska Supreme Court facez COINTELPRO issue in Mondo we Langa rehearing bid

by Michael Richardson Mondo we Langa in prison 44 years has been denied a day court by Nebraska Supreme Court Mondo we Langa/Michael Richardson   The Nebraska Supreme Court, which turned down Black Panther leader Mondo we Langa’s post-conviction appeal, without issuing a written decision, has been asked to reconsider the matter and make written […]

Have NO contact with police – they are child killerz

by Mutope Duguma When we were growing up, we understood that most of these white, Black and Brown police officers were predators. They came to our communities pumped up, looking for action. And there are several profiles of them: cocky, scared, fearless, racist, prejudiced, biased, anxious, gangsters etc. We was warned as young boys to […]

“POLICE REFORM” Iz Not A Solution: Here’ss The Only ~ “NON-VIOLENT” ~ STRATEGIC ANSWER” To End Police Misconduct, Brutality, Murder & Terrorism!

“Police Reform”  Is Not A Solution Because Politically It Leaves The Same Racist National Police Union Controlled Institutional Structure & Terrorist Occupation Intact. – THIS IS THE ONLY  “Non-Violent”  ANSWER! XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Decentralization, Mandatory Residency And The Completely Autonomous Community Control Of The Police & Public Safety A REAL Solution To Police Misconduct, Brutality & Murder […]

COINTELPRO appeal dismissed by Nebraska Supreme Court without opinion

The Nebraska Supreme Court dismissed, without opinion, the post-conviction appeal of COINTELPRO target Mondo we Langa on Sept. 26. Mondo, former David Rice, was not given a hearing or even a written decision by the state high court. The perfunctory dismissal notice issued by the court only stated Mondo’s appeal was “time barred.” Forty-four years […]

Assata: The FBI’z most wanted woman

A new (2014) introduction to her autobiography William Gumede 2014-12-04, Issue 705 http://pambazuka.org/en/category/features/93555 cc FW In this edited version of a new introduction to Assata Shakur’s autobiography, Prof Gumede points out that centuries of colonialism, slavery and apartheid have left a legacy of institutional racism, whereby dark skins are often instinctively prejudiced in societies across […]