It’z the Anniversary of the One School Shooting the Govt Won’t be Ramming Down Your Throat

  On May 4, 1970, a disorganized and nonviolent antiwar protest turned violent and deadly when the Ohio National Guard inexplicably opened fire on students at Kent State University — indelibly polarizing the United States populace to an extreme arguably unabated since. Guardsmen opened fire on the assembled crowd, unleashing between 61 and 67 bullets […]

Court rules no punishment for California prison hunger striker

California Court of Appeals grants relief to former Pelican Bay SHU prisoner wrongfully disciplined for refusing to eat during the 2013 hunger strike by Kim Rohrbach Jorge Gomez had spent over a decade in Pelican Bay State Prison’s Security Housing Unit (SHU) at the time of California’s historic 2013 Prisoner Hunger Strike. Launched in early […]

Frisco 5 hunger strikerz to SFPD: ‘Stop executing our people’

by Dave Welsh San Francisco – Five hunger strikers dubbed the Frisco 5 – angered by new police murders of Black and Brown people – have been occupying half the sidewalk in front of Mission Police Station since April 21. It’s Day 13 of their liquid-only fast and they’re losing weight, but they vow to […]

What It Meanz to Believe PrisonerzNoth

Ending the racist prison system begins with telling the truth about its injustices. by Matt Hartman   Jail cell by artist Tehching Hsieh at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. Jason Kuffer / Flickr On January 19, Matthew McCain died in his cell at North Carolina’s Durham County Detention Facility. According to reports […]

Iz there a balm in Gilead?

by Mumia Abu-Jamal The great Black activist and artist Paul Robeson in 1958, in Carnegie Hall, sang the gospel song, “Balm in Gilead”: “♪There is a balm in Gilead, ♪To make the wounded whooole♪ ….” His full, magnificent baritone filled the hall with wonder. Hepatitis C is a liver infection (inflammation), which can, if untreated, […]

Exposing toxic work conditionz inside Texas Prisonz

by Keith “Malik” Washington and David “Chino” Martinez “Our current form of capitalism has no concept of right and wrong. It only recognizes what is profitable and what you can get away with. And when you have the government, the media, the military and the police on your payroll, you can get away with pretty […]

Mississippi Black Codez

1865  The status of Blacks was the focal problem of Reconstruction. Slavery had been abolished by the Thirteenth Amendment, but the white people of the South were determined to keep the Black population in “their place,” socially, politically, and economically. This was done by means of the notorious “Black Codes,” passed by several of the […]


“AMERICA’S PARADISE” HAS BEEN THEIR HELL, 44 YEARS OF POLITICAL IMPRISONMENT, WITH THE PAST 15 YEARS BEING WITHOUT EVEN THE PRETENSE OF SENTENCES  While the U.S. today declares that the natural inhabitants of the Virgin Islands have “no fundamental rights,” it claims that it fairly tried these men in 1972, then held them in the […]

Critical Resistance and IWW support prisoner resistance at Holman, call for action

Moorbey’z Blog also standz with the prisonerz during thiz uprizing at Holman Prison in Alabama. Tear down cages by Critical Resistance   Our attention has been turned this week to Holman Prison in Alabama where rolling uprisings inside have led to prisoners taking control of certain areas of the prison. Prisoners have since released a […]

Texas Prisonerz’ Plan Work Strike, April 4th

Prisoners in Texas are planning a work strike, to commence this April 4th. Their top five demands are: Meaningful Work Time – Applied retroactively, when our Flat Time and accrued Good/Work Time equals 100% we should be ENTITLED to Mandatory Supervision I Parole. We want a “Presumptive Parole System” which requires the release of a […]