Terrible Tier II: We are fighting for our livez

by Deron Ruffin I’m writing to show the brothers some love who went on hunger strike in California. It’s crazy how you see other people going through the same thing that you are living. What really impressed me is the fact that all the brothers stood up for the cause – putting aside small differences, […]

Fighting the Patriarchy: George Jackson and the Black Panther Party

by PTT of MIM(Prisons)         permalink   A criticism often made of the Black Panther Party (BPP) lies in errors it made around addressing the patriarchy. Most of these criticisms are attempts at subreformism, which is the approach of resolving conflict on an individual or interpersynal level in an attempt to resolve social […]

Fighting the Real Enemy on September 9 Solidarity Demonstration

by Soso of MIM(Prisons)                  permalink   September 9, 2016 will be the fifth annual Solidarity Demonstration in prisons across the United $tates. This is an opportunity for prisoners to commemorate the anniversary of the Attica uprising and draw attention to abuse of prisoners across the country through a […]

Major Tillery Haz New Evidence Exposing Hiz Frame-Up Conviction And Needz Your Financial Support

  Major Tillery Needs Help To Get This Evidence into Court! Major Tillery has new evidence that he was framed for a crime he did not commit. Over thirty years ago Tillery was falsely convicted for a 1976 pool hall shooting murder and assault, and sentenced to life imprisonment without parole. Major Tillery is completing […]

Detaining the Poor: How money bail perpetuatez an endlezz cycle of poverty and jail time

By Bernadette Rabuy and Daniel Kopf In addition to the 1.6 million people incarcerated in federal and state prisons, there are 646,000 people locked up in more than 3,000 local jails throughout the U.S. Seventy percent of these people in local jails are being held pretrial— meaning they have not yet been convicted of a […]

Fifty Yearz Ago, the Government Said Black Livez Matter

by Julian E. Zelizer The Radical Conclusions of the 1968 Kerner Report Washington, D.C., April 1968, showing damage from riots that followed the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr. Photograph: Warren K. Leffler/Library of Congress Adapted from the introduction to the Princeton University Press 2016 edition of The Kerner Report by The National Advisory Commission on Civil […]

Peter Yew/Police Brutality Protestz, 1975

In April 1975, Peter Yew, a young Chinese-American living in New York City’s Chinatown, asked police to stop beating a 15-year-old whom they had stopped for a traffic violation. For his concern, Yew was savagely beaten right on the spot, taken back to the police station, stripped, beaten again and arrested on charges of resisting […]

The Prison State of Amerika

by Chris Hedges Prisons employ and exploit the ideal worker. Prisoners do not receive benefits or pensions. They are not paid overtime. They are forbidden to organize and strike. They must show up on time. They are not paid for sick days or granted vacations. They cannot formally complain about working conditions or safety hazards. If […]

What Prisonerz Think of Prison Nursez Working as Guardz

by Robert Rosso An article published in the USA Today revealed that uniformed U.S. Public Health Service (PHS) employees working within the Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) are often reassigned to security posts when there is sufficient need, security-jobs that they have little or no training for. Nurses are supposed to be in prison to treat […]

Prisoner Human Rightz Movement BLUE PRINT

Movement BLUE PRINT  prisonerhungerstrikesolidarity (FULL BLUE PRINT pdf- all docs-284pgs) Overview Table of Contents Blue Print core document Appendix BLUE PRINT The declaration on protection of all persons from being subjected to torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment was adopted by the United Nations General Assembly in its resolution 3452 (XXX) of […]