Police Massacre in Gran Ravin – Protesting students in Cap Haitien beaten by police

 Reports of a mass killing by the US/UN occupation-trained and supervised Haitian police in the working-class neighborhood of Gran Ravin in Port-au-Prince, the nation’s capital. Police brutally beat teachers and students in the northern city of Cap Haitien, who were demanding money for education, not to restore the murderous army Monday 11/13/17 was a day of […]

Mumia Abu Jamal on “Sex Wars”

  The scandals of Hollywood’s so-called “casting couch” have burst forth like a river, said the nation’s best known political prisoner, “and the names of nationally known politicians began to fill the air.” Mumia Abu Jamal believes a real “movement” is afoot. “We are seeing the extraordinary costs” of the casting couch, he said, “but this time, […]

Flashback Soul: Albert King Longs For The “Pretty Woman”

by Robb Patryk   They called the late Albert King the “Velvet Bulldozer.” Weighing in at over 250 lbs. and standing 6’4” tall, King had a formidable stage presence and the smoothest of soul voices. Acclaimed by many critics as one of the greatest guitarists of all time, King was a significant influence on artists ranging from Stevie […]

Free All the Politikal Prisoners

By Zolo Agono Azania I was introduced to Zolo Azania some twenty years ago through his artwork – striking portraits of Harriet Tubman, Malcom X and Emmet Till, artwork that reflected Zolo’s deep commitment to the Black freedom struggle – exhibited at the Autonomous Zone, a storefront operated by a small group of socially conscious anarchists […]

What to Black People is the National Anthem?

On Veterans day, the idea of the veteran was touted by POTUS and his supporters as an emotional counterweight to the protesting athletes. Dr. Lisa Brock reminds us that African Americans have historically had a conflictual relationship with US militarism. by Lisa Brock Praxis Center On July 5, 1852, Frederick Douglass, the prolific abolitionist, delivered his […]

Liberation Schools to Organize Through the Walls

by USW23 of United Struggle from Within                permalink One way to accomplish the task of organizing the streets from behind bars is to show the importance of organizing. We on the inside of the razor wire slave plantations have transformed our minds from criminals serving the interest of the oppressor, into revolutionaries […]

We’ve Seen a Glimpse of Wakanda in Real Life—The Haitian Revolution

by ALEX D. AUGUSTE An essay on how the world’s first black republic is as close to Marvel’s fictional kingdom as we get. As Marvel Studios prepares for the debut of Black Panther next February, the fandom of the Marvel Cinematic Universe has grown increasingly, where newfound fans are eager to dive into both the storyline and world […]

Are California prisoners the property of prison staff?

by Carl F. Harrison I frequently hear correctional officers make statements such as, “Inmate, get off my table,” “Inmate, get off my yard,” “Inmate, get off my bed” and so on. The idea that they own everything in the prison sounds like they have serious ownership issues, along with superiority complex and delusions. It could also be the reason they abuse […]