California’z Secret Solitary Courtz

Lucy Nicholson/Reuters Sarah Shourd ‘WAR-LIKE MENTALITY’ Despite a new settlement that bans indefinite solitary confinement in California, prisons are finding new secondary excuses to lengthen time in the SHU. A change in policy in California just last month could result in an estimated 1,500 to 2,000 prisoners being released from solitary confinement into the general […]

Beauty in the eyez of my kaptorz

by an Ohio prisoner September 2015 permalink Kidnapped, tortured Held against my will Humiliated, degraded Until I can no longer feel Blood, revenge Is all I seem to see 33 strategies of war I plan to forge against my enemy Isolation, frustration The moment I got caught Plan, reflect Became natural in thought Learn, study […]

Prisonerz at Menard have ended their hunger strike!

After five days (and several calls to the warden in response to my earlier post–thanks), the warden met with the hunger strikers and promised to dismiss all the disciplinary reports charging them with dangerous activity for engaging in a hunger strike, begin allowing groups of prisoners to use the yard together–this is huge for people […]

Support Parole for Eddie Africa

In October 2015 our Brother Eddie Africa is set to make another appearance before the Pennsylvania State Parole Board. Your letters of support is urgently needed. All of the information is below as follows: We are asking for your support at this critical stage to secure the freedom Eddie deserves.  Feel free to use parts […]

No sign of safety riskz with longterm pot use for chronic pain

Researchers at McGill in Canada found no serious effects from 2.5g/day by Jonathan M. Gitlin Thomas Hawk @ Flickr While the medical use of cannabis has expanded, there’s little data available regarding its safety. Although the drug has been used (recreationally and medically) by humans going back far into prehistory, it was criminalized by the time researchers […]