By Shani Haifi For the sake of passing your history test, you most certainly do want to answer cooperatively that, yes, the Thirteenth Amendment abolished slavery. That way, educational institutions can confirm that you have been successfully programmed to regurgitate historical fallacies. However, that answer is not exactly true to say the least. Many […]

Revolutionary Daily Thought

I am against and will no longer tolerate the slaughter, exploitation and mass incarceration of Black people, poor people and people of colour. I oppose the poisoning of our air, our water, our food and our mindz – the very future of every person on thiz planet! The message being sent is that we have […]

Black History Month: Quiltz, Black Pantherz, Afrikan-Amerikan heroinez on the bill

By Annalee Allen Carter G. WoodsonCEver wonder why Black History Month is celebrated in February? The history files reveal that in 1926 Carter Godwin Woodson originated Negro History Week. Woodson chose the second week of February because Frederick Douglass and President Abraham Lincoln had celebrated their birthdays that week, and both were prominent leaders in […]

Bloody Lowndez often overlooked

HAYNEVILLE — The Black Power movement has its roots in Alabama’s Black Belt. Named for its dark, fertile soil, the crescent shaped region bisects Central Alabama. It was here in the antebellum days that King Cotton reigned supreme. In the mid-20th century, it saw the birth of the modern civil rights movement with the Montgomery […]

Here’z an ad about R–skinz that itz makerz don’t have the money to show during Sunday’z Superbowl

That wonderful video, “Proud to Be,” was released by the National Congress of American Indians just in time for the Super Bowl in its effort to eliminate the offensive R–skins from the national vocabulary and let people know that we Indians are not mascots. For decades, the 70-year-old NCAI has sought with considerable success to […]

Hearing ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ on a 110-year-old fairground organ iz oddly perfect (VIDEO)

Gorgeous, in all ways.   Old school craftsmanship meets vintage rock and roll in the video age. The result?Oddly amazing and perfect: 1905 81 key Marenghi Organ playing Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody. Original Arrangement written by Alexey Rom. Organ part of Bill Nunn’s collection: