Strike the punishment clause from the 13th Amendment

by Sergio Hyland Jalil Muntaqim’s recent article in the San Francisco Bay View, “The 13th Amendment – prison slavery and mass incarceration,” August 2016, underscores the importance of striking the “punishment clause” in the 13th Amendment to the United States Constitution, which legalizes slavery for those human beings convicted of committing a crime. Strike the […]

Whistleblower Jeffrey Sterling Appearz to Have Suffered a Heart Attack in Prison

By John Kiriakou     Jeffrey Sterling during his trial in Virginia. (Eleivy / Wikimedia Commons)   Fedearl I’ve written a couple of articles recently, here and here, about CIA whistleblower Jeffrey Sterling and his battle to get adequate medical care while incarcerated in the Federal Correctional Institution at Englewood, Colorado. Jeffrey has a history […]

Victory! Federal Judge Orderz Pennsylvania DOC to Release Arthur “Cetewayo” Johnson from Solitary Confinement (RHU)

…”After thirty-six years of isolation, Mr. Johnson deserves the opportunity to shake hands with someone other than his attorneys… The court will grant Johnson’s motion for preliminary injunction and direct his release from the RHU forthwith, in accordance with the accompanying order.” For the full media release, click here. Mumia’z Shout Out to Abolitionist Law […]

Free Em All Radio! W/ Chairman Fred Hampton Jr & The Lady of Rage! Tune in tonight, Wednesday Sept. 21, 2016 to Free Em All Radio! w/ Chairman Fred Hampton Jr. & The Lady of Rage! Join our Hosts for tonight’s dynamic episode that will speak to the continuous state violence against the African community; from the murders of 13 year old Tyree King in Columbus, OH and Terence […]

Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin (a.k.a.) H. Rap Brown

The Policy of Death (1:34) Mumia Abu-Jamal …

#StillTroyDavis “Just Uz” Sa-Roc feat. Kalonji Changa

in 1989, Troy was accused and convicted of the murder of Savannah police officer Mark Macphail. Throughout the trial Troy maintained his innocence, however there were 9 witnesses who each fingered Troy as the assailant. The outcome, Troy Anthony Davis was convicted as a cop killer and sentenced to die by execution in the State […]

Prison Revolutionariez of the ’60z Generation: Role Modelz for Contemporary Strikerz

 by   James Kilgore In the run-up to the national prison labor strike on September 9, revolutionaries of decades past cast their imposing shadows over a new generation of activists, especially those in organizations like the Free Alabama Movement. At a gathering of the Formerly Incarcerated, Convicted People & Families Movement (FICPFM) held in Oakland […]

Mostly True: Amerika’z prison population has skyrocketed 500 percent in 40 yearz

by  Chris Nichols U.S. Senate candidate Kamala Harris tweeted the image and statement above on Aug. 22, 2016. During her run for U.S. Senate, California Attorney General Kamala Harris has touted a “smart on crime” approach that focuses on the most violent offenders and reducing recidivism. Harris believes this strategy is key to slowing what […]

Who Killed Tupac Shakur? Conversationz With Rapperz, Revolutionariez & Reporterz

by Doshon Farad Twenty years ago – September 13, 1996 – we lost our Hip-Hop icon/warrior Tupac Amaru Shakur. His passing still haunts the minds of supporters worldwide. Since that fateful night on September 7, 1996, the Tupac shooting still raises many eyebrows and unanswered questions. Who killed him and why? Was it a rival […]