Three prisonerz bid a loving farewell to Hugo Pinell

Hugo … Hugo … Hugo … where are you? by Alay’he Justin Jackson I often visit the spot where they took you from us. I still can’t accept it. Although we didn’t know each other, I knew your spirit. I cried for you the day your light was dimmed. I never met you, but you […]

I was one of the last onez to see our beloved Brotha Yogi alive

by Vernell Devon Bush My name is Devon Bush, a Black Afrikan inmate in struggle here in CSP Sac. Look, I was involved in the riot that took place Aug. 12, 2015, in the B-Yard. Also, I was one of the last ones to see our beloved Brotha Hugo L.A. “Yogi Bear” Pinell R.I.P. alive. […]

Call To Action: Help Former Politikal Prisoner Sekou Kambui Help Former Politikal Prisoner Sekou Kambui Houston Anarchist Black Cross is posting this on behalf of formerly incarcerated political prisoner Sekou Kambui. You can find a letter from Sekou at the bottom of this text which explains the reasons for which he needs financial support. To give you a bit of background regarding Sekou, […]

Growing up in Compton: A woman’z story

by Pamela Thompson I grew up in Compton, California, a city where law enforcement was not on your side. I can remember times when our house would get shot up and my mother would call the police only to have to wait for hours on end, and sometimes they just didn’t come. Growing up, our […]

Bomani Shakur (Keith LaMar), innocent on death row

Today our guest on Block Report Radio is Bomani, formally known as Keith LaMar. He is an Ohio death row political prisoner and survivor of the Lucasville Rebellion 23 years ago. He will talk to us about the history of that rebellion, his recent hunger strike, the state of Ohio planning to set his execution […]

Mumia in the crosshairz: Stop effortz to murder him by medical neglect

by Kevin ‘Rashid’ Johnson On Oct. 21, 2015, Patrick Le Hyaric, a member of the European Parliament and vice chair of the European United Left, sent a formal letter to Michael Nutter, mayor of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Mr. Le Hyaric’s letter announced that he’d be traveling with a French delegation to Pennsylvania to meet with Mumia […]

Whose ready to take Malcolm X birthday az a national holiday?! #CMXD

May 19th iz Malcolm X day. We are not asking permission we are claiming a day for our progressive leaderz. Malcolm X pioneered the thoughtz of a generation of overachieverz and righteouz rebelz. We are NOT asking permission. We are #CMXD <—— follow the hashtag to see what people are doing in your city. #2RAW4TV […]

A spirit cannot die: Dedicated to Stanley Tookie Williams on the 10th anniversary of hiz execution

by Steve Champion and Anthony Ross Ten years ago the weight of shackles pressed hard against his body collapsing his lungs squeezing his life but not his spirit determined to bury him beneath the rubble of ashes beneath time cast him to oceans like forgotten Ancestors written out of history a historical footnote. But we […]


                  IT WAS 50 YEARS AGO. Whenever Americans talk about race, people can get uncomfortable. We don’t want to feel like we’re part of the problem, and we try in our lives not to be. But talking about it can be painful because it reminds us that […]

Challenging the Prisonz: An Interview with the Free Alabama Movement

by Devon Douglas-Bowers This is a transcript of a recent email interview I did with Ausur of the Free Alabama Movement where we discuss the Movement’s history and how people can support FAM. What is the Free Alabama Movement? Free Alabama Movement is a prisoner’s comrade’s solidarity organization which advocates the self-addressing of our struggle of […]