Learning from the Slaughter in Attica

What the 1971 uprising and massacre reveal about our prison system and the liberal democratic state. By Adam Gopnik The inmates during a negotiating session on September 10, 1971. An uprising born of panic and confusion triggered a cascade of paranoia that extended to the Nixon White House. Photograph from AP Prisons are the bad […]


BY PAROLE BOARD CRUELTY John MacKenzie, whose repeated parole denials focused attention on the extreme cruelty of the New York State Parole Board, committed suicide in Fishkill Correctional Facility Wednesday following his tenth parole denial after more than 40 years in prison. PROTEST THE NYS PAROLE BOARD’S TORTURE OF JOHN MACKENZIE AND TENS OF THOUSANDS […]

Lucasville Hunger Strike to End Solitary Confinement

by an Ohio prisoner      permalink Revolutionary greetings! We write to further enlighten you on the progress of our hunger strike at the Southern Ohio Corrections Facility in the state of Ohio. Since you were last informed, other comrades have joined our cause to end solitary confinement and psychological torture in prisons all across […]

Arizona Prison Iz Not Reporting Disease Cases To Health Agency

There’s no record that Corrections Corporation of America ever told a county health agency about valley fever cases for Hawaii prisoners. By Rui Kaneya   In an apparent violation of Arizona regulations, Corrections Corporation of America, the largest for-profit prison company in the country, is failing to report the cases of valley fever among Hawaii […]

Pantherizing the Massez

by  Kelvin Khaysi Canada Before I decided to join the New Afrikan Black Panther Party Prison Chapter (NABPP-PC), in 2008, I contemplated it for two-plus years. I was uncertain as to why I wanted to join this prison-based revolutionary organization. But I was absolutely 100% sure on why I didn’t want to join: 1.) I […]

Texas Banz Prisonerz from Social Media to Hide Abusez

by Kevin Rashid Johnson Suddenly Texas prison officials are banning prisoners from having people outside of prison maintain social media accounts for them. Since prisoners do not otherwise have direct access to the internet we can’t manage our own social-media accounts. Officials are taking advantage of certain social media providers’ rules that forbid one from […]

Give The Pigz Their Jobz Back: Resistance Iz Key – The Passive Approach Just Isn’t Working In Texaz Prisonz

by Jason Walker The Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ) has been operating as a money making business, run by corrupt wardens and administrative personnel, since the beginning of the 20th century. This revolving door style of bad actors in high places is no different than what we see in mainstream politics (notably the presidential […]

Support Politikal Prisoner Zolo Azania

Dear Friends, We are writing to you today on behalf of political prisoner Zolo Azania. After 35 years of incarceration, 27 of them on death row, Zolo is finally due to be released in February, 2017. Regrettably, this final year has been made difficult for him. Zolo has brought to our attention a number of […]

August 7th and August 8th Activitiez for The Move 9

  Ona Move The August 8th 2016 38th Anniversary of the unjust imprisonment of The Move 9 is fast approaching and we have two important activities on August 7th and August 8th that we are inviting people to participate in (1)  Join The Move Family And Supporters On Sunday August 7th From 12pm to 4pm  […]

Meet the Medical Company Making $1.4 Billion a Year Off Sick Prisonerz

  In states that use Corizon to provide healthcare in their prisons, medical neglect and abuse run rampant. By NationAction The healthcare provider Corizon makes an estimated $1.4 billion off sick prisoners every year. With profits like those, you would think it was actually treating prisoners. But in states that are using Corizon to provide […]