From the Keystone State to the Golden State: The need for a national movement to liberate politikal prisonerz

I felt the need to reblog thiz piece by Komrade Big Brutha Saleem because it’z relevance when first written and it iz still true now.  August 4, 2014 by Robert Saleem Holbrook   In Pennsylvania, former Black Panthers and Black Liberation Army members Russell Maroon Shoatz, Joseph JoJo Bowens, Clifford Lumumba Futch and Fred Muhammad Burton enter […]

Two to One

Crime and punishment questions still surround 1970 killing that sent Omaha Two to life in prison BY LEO ADAM BIGA When Mondo we Langa died at age 68 in the Nebraska State Penitentiary last month, he’d served 45 years for a crime he always maintained he did not commit. The former David Rice, a poet […]

A call for President Obama To Pardon Native American freedom Fighter

by  MICHAEL Z. MUHAMMAD Leonard Peltier, an Anishinabe-Lakota Native American serving two consecutive life sentences and imprisoned for over 40 years, remains a lightening rod in the Native American fight for human rights. When arrested he was a leading member of the American Indian Movement (AIM), an advocacy group and movement concerned with Native American […]

Bluez for Shaka

by  Marilyn Buck The young Black men in Texas fill up the Row where death is celebrated by ole Jim Crow Jim may be Bush or may be some Houston judge but we keep on trying to throw their bloody noose into history’s sludge murderers, murderers, no law can cover up your racist murder madness […]

Hunger Strike for Medical Attention

by an Ohio prisoner   permalink I have enclosed copies of letters a comrade wrote to secure his position, ensure his safety, among many who are undergoing a mass hunger strike this 23rd day of March 2016, to fight perpetually against the injustice we are receiving here at Lucasville. I will pass out your address […]

Stiff Resistance iz a Human Right!: Malcolm X Grassrootz Movement Statement on Mutulu Shakur

Stiff Resistance is a Human Right! Mutulu is Welcome Here Malcolm X Grassroots Movement On April 7, 2016 the US Federal Parole Board continued it’s blatant violation of the human rights of Dr. Mutulu Shakur by refusing to release him from federal captivity after 30 years of time served even though he is up for […]

Urgent Action Alert!

Alvaro Hernandez Luna is in dire need of medical attention From the Committee to Free Alvaro Luna Hernandez Alvaro Hernandez Luna is in need of dire medical attention. Therefore, we are urging you to email or call relevant TDCJ authorities immediately: TDJC Ombudsman Office (936) 437-4927 P.O. Box 99 Huntsville, TX 77342-0099 TDJC Office of the Inspector General […]

Waposhitwe Mondo Eyen we Langa spoke about the evidence used against him

Waposhitwe Mondo Eyen we Langa discussed the evidence used against him Mary Loan Waposhitwe Mondo Eyen we Langa, former David Rice, died last month at the Nebraska State Penitentiary where he was serving a life sentence for a crime he said he did not commit. In the years before he died, Mondo granted a series […]

The movement inside Texaz prisonz will not be complete until the sisterz join

by Keith ‘Malik’ Washington “Consciousness is the key to one’s deliverance from oppression of all types. Prison writers are the visionaries who take the prison experience and translate it to others in prison and outside of these concentration kamps. The prison theoretician sees those paths which are not yet cut and injects theory into our […]

Petition on abuse in Virginia prisonz

by Kelvin ‘Khaysi’ Canada Note: For reasons of space, approximately 80 percent of the original 11,000-word text has had to be cut. This includes most of the examples given, plus, among other things, 1) a long section about how a “step-down” program, supposedly meant to give prisoners an opportunity to upgrade their conditions, is unfairly […]