What’z a ‘Jailhouse Environmentalist’?

[col. writ. 2/17/13] © ’13 Mumia Abu-Jamal Most of us have heard of jailhouse lawyers –guys and gals who battle in court for themselves or others. But I’d wager few of us have ever heard of a ‘jailhouse environmentalist’. Truth is I didn’t think such a thing existed. Well, it’s real; and his name is […]

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Bend the Bars Address (8:34) Bryant Arroyo SCI-Frackville’s Flint, Michigan Rampant Water Contamination (3:57) Bryant Arroyo What is a Jailhouse Environmentalist? (3:58) Mumia Abu-Jama Theater of the Absurd (2:04) Mumia Abu-Jamal If you Die in Prison, Its the Death Penalty (2:03) Kenneth Hartman Shorty Wins Again (Jimmy Dennis) (2:47) Mumia Abu-Jamal Reading of “Affirmation“ (2:09) Sundiati […]


[col. writ. 8/12/16] ©’16 Mumia Abu-Jamal   The brilliant and beautiful Nina Simone (1933-2003), in her classic lament, “Baltimore,” sings of a city by the sea, but one that she longs to flee from, because of its hardness and meanness. In her unforgettable refrain, she mixes her love of the city with her yearning to […]

Mumia’z legal case: AN UPDATE

Here is an update on both Mumia Abu-Jamal’s criminal conviction appeal and his medical care case, Abu-Jamal vs. Kerestes.   Court action has potential to re-open Mumia‘s criminal conviction! On August 7, Mumia Abu-Jamal filed an appeal based on a U.S. Supreme Court case decided in June. In a startling 5-3 decision (Williams v. the Commonwealth of PA), the U.S. Supreme Court held […]

Lynne Stewart readz “Prisonerz Voicez Blocked and Censorship of US Prisonz (3:38) Jaan Laaman

By Jaan Laaman The United States is often called the country of prisons because we are five percent of the world’s population, but the U.S. holds 25 percent of all the prisoners in the world. Recently we have heard talk from the White House and Congress about the need to reduce this huge prison population, […]

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Butter Scores (Terrence Williams US Supreme Court Reversal) (2:14) Mumia Abu-Jamal The Scoop USA: Sonny Driver (1:05) Mumia Abu-Jamal If You Die in Prison, It’s the Death Penalty (2:03) Kenneth Hartman Free Alabama Movement August 27 Demonstrations (1:34) Bennu Hannibal Oh Baltimore Blues (2:55) Mumia Abu-Jamal The Trump Pump (1:41) Mumia Abu-Jamal Running Down the […]

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Mumia Abu-Jamal on Democracy Now! 7/27/2016 Reporting on the Convention (11:55) August 8th, 1978 (2:43) Mumia Abu-Jamal Don’t Let The Perfect Be The Enemy of The Good  (1:56) Kenneth Hartman Suicide Prevention Update (4:38) Natalie DeMola The Rise of the Imperial Feminine (2:54) Mumia Abu-Jamal “Degrading and Dehumanizing Strip Search Procedure” to Receive Recreational Showers […]

Major Battlez On – Mumia Abu-Jamal

Major Tillery haz been in prison over 31 yearz for crimez he did not commit. He haz spent 20 yeazs in solitary confinement. He filed a Post Conviction Petition on June 15, 2016 with new evidence. Jail House Snitchez were provided sex and hotelz for fabricated testimony during trial. Visit: http://www.justice4majortillery.info/

“What to a Prisoner iz the 4th of July?”

This painting was created for Prison Radio by artist & death row prisoner Kevin Cooper, 2016   My name is Bernadette Devlin McAliskey. Mumia Abu Jamal’s deep and resilient voice has been silenced and censored! I will read to you one of his illuminating commentary’s written on the occasion on Nelson Mandela’s visit to Philadelphia, […]

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Who’s Running (2:01) Wilbert Saunders Beyond Bernie (2:26) Mumia Abu-Jamal Philadelphia DA Trades one Illegal Sentence for Another  (3:49) Kerry Shakaboona Marshall Affirmation by Assata Shakur (Read by Kenneth Hartman) (3:51) Read by Kenneth Hartman Prisoners Voices Blocked and Censorship of US Prisons by Jaan Laaman (3:38) Read by Lynne Stewart Mass Murder In the Midst of […]