They will never count me among the broken men’: The political significance of George Jackson

by Jitu Sadiki Twenty-five years ago, n August 21, 1971, George L. Jackson, a 29-year-old leader of the Black Panther Party, died from multiple bullet wounds sustained during an alleged escape attempt from California’s San Quentin State Prison. In fact, as fellow inmates would later testify, Jackson died as he had lived, as a revolutionary […]


Comrade Ulysses McDaniel, prison camp number A-64486, was captured at about the same time that they captured me. He was thrown into the State’s prison a bare two months after my own imprisonment. My number is A-63837. In other words, 649 other numbers, representing people, passed between us. Most of them were Black; all were […]

Black August 2015

U can’t break my body down. Hardwork Hardwork Hardcore The People’s Minister of Information JR Valrey interviews former member of the San Quentin 6 and comrade of Field Marshall George Jackson, David “Giap” Johnson, about the history of Black August and the assassination of George Jackson on August 21, 1971 at San Quentin.

Rhyme Sayerz for Komrade George Jackson and Black August

Aired Aug 6 2015 1. “Rhyme Sayers for George Jackson” 58:07 Mama Laini Mataka, Face and Tim Hicks of The Cornel West Theory joined us this week to pay tribute to George Jackson and Black August.  We also called PA state authorities on behalf of Mumia Abu-Jamal who needs medical help now! Remember the […]

The Heroic Guerilla

Scream! Scream! Scream! About that man Who threatened the fires of hell. Stalk forward Bronze Dragon. Breathe pits of fire To melt the molted bars of slavery. Conquer concrete walls With courageous conviction. Teach us the art of raging, Heroic Guerrilla. Copyright 2008, Tolbert Small

Revolutionary Daily Thought

“I deny the existence of Black racism outright, by fiat I deny it. Too much Black blood has flowed between the chasm that separates the races, it’s fundamentally unfair to expect the Black man to differentiate at a glance the self-accepting racist, the self-interdicting racist, and the unconscious racist. The apologist’s term “Black racism” is […]

On visiting George

Black August iz a few dayz away. U know wha time it iz.It iz a holi-day all month long.. by Dr. Tolbert Small George Jackson was a legendary prisoner who was attempting to organize the Blacks, Latinos and poor whites under their common linkage as victims of an exploitative class system. At that time, he […]

Exit the Dragon Episode 1

From a komrade behind the wallz (gulag) of North Amerikkka. Live Interview from behind the Wall, Mississippi. On this live interview, Kilaika Baruti speaks with Brother Darius, who shares with us true accounts of his life before prison and what life is like for him and other Afrikan men being held at facilities in Mississippi. […]

Revolutionary Daily Thought

LONG LIVE THE DRAGON George Lester Jackson September 23, 1941 – August 21, 1971 This monster – the monster they’ve engendered in me will return to torment its maker, from the grave, the pit, from the profoundest pit. Hurl me into the next existence, the descent into hell won’t turn me. I’ll crawl back to […]