Three prisonerz bid a loving farewell to Hugo Pinell

Hugo … Hugo … Hugo … where are you? by Alay’he Justin Jackson I often visit the spot where they took you from us. I still can’t accept it. Although we didn’t know each other, I knew your spirit. I cried for you the day your light was dimmed. I never met you, but you […]

I was one of the last onez to see our beloved Brotha Yogi alive

by Vernell Devon Bush My name is Devon Bush, a Black Afrikan inmate in struggle here in CSP Sac. Look, I was involved in the riot that took place Aug. 12, 2015, in the B-Yard. Also, I was one of the last ones to see our beloved Brotha Hugo L.A. “Yogi Bear” Pinell R.I.P. alive. […]

Kenny Motsamai: Why I don’t want to be out without freedom

Sabelo Sibanda 2016-02-03, Issue 760 cc SABCA member of the armed wing of South Africa’s Pan Africanist Congress party recently rejected a government offer of conditional release from prison. Kenny Motsamai, condemned to two life sentences and 19 years, insists that he is a political prisoner who was arrested and convicted under apartheid, a system […]

Call To Action: Help Former Politikal Prisoner Sekou Kambui Help Former Politikal Prisoner Sekou Kambui Houston Anarchist Black Cross is posting this on behalf of formerly incarcerated political prisoner Sekou Kambui. You can find a letter from Sekou at the bottom of this text which explains the reasons for which he needs financial support. To give you a bit of background regarding Sekou, […]


Guitarist and blues singer “Blind Lemon Jefferson” was one of the most popular blues singers of the 1920s. Known as “Father of the Texas Blues, his performances were distinctive due to his high-pitched voice and the originality of his guitar playing.  Jefferson was born blind on September 24, 1893, in Coutchman, Texas. He was one […]

Interview with Kojo Bomani Sababu

Just received from our comrades at NYC ABC: 16 Jan – Interview with Kojo Bomani Sababu Below is a self interview from Kojo Bomani Sababu, currently incarcerated in the federal system in West Virginia. This interview was conducted a few years ago, but only recently published. MORE: 1: How did you come by your current […]

A Film by Tony Buba and Marcuz Rediker, “Ghostz of Amistad: In the Footstepz of the Rebelz,” Will Air on PBS Affiliatez Nationwide in February for Black History (Our-story) Month

On July 2, 1839, 53 captive Africans aboard the Amistad, a slave schooner, broke out of their chains and stealthily snuck up to the main deck, where they killed two crewmembers and disarmed the rest. Having thus seized control of the ship, they attempted to sail back to their homeland, only to be deceived into […]


Three African-American inmates were charged with the murder of a white prison guard, John Vincent Mills, at “California’s Soledad Prison” on January 16, 1970. George Jackson, Fleeta Drumgoole, John Clutchette, known as the The Soledad Brothers, were said to have murdered the police guard in retaliation for the shooting deaths of three black prisoners by […]

John Africa’z MOVE Organization: The Story of a Shattered Movement

BY AMY NICOLE The Tragic 1985 Bombing of John Africa’s MOVE Organization The MOVE Organization were a group of mostly black, freedom and nature loving activists who lived in Philadelphia in the early 1970s to early 80s—until the Philadelphia police department dropped a bomb on their house from a helicopter on May 13, 1985, silencing […]

NYC: Stand for Move Politikal Prisonerz on Friday Night February 12th

We are two weeks away from our Evening Of Solidarity For Parole For Move Political Prisoners and things are busier than ever. We received a phone call tonight from our brother Eddie Africa who was in very good spirits and was happy to hear about the program and all the recent developments . Eddie had […]