Update on Robert Seth Hayes Urgent Medical Campaign

Update from Seth on 11/28/15: Seth has been in the infirmary at Sullivan since he got back from the hospital. Hasn’t even been allowed to have a change of clothes. It is difficult to make phone calls. They are giving him Glucerna twice a day, which is causing his blood sugars to be high (despite […]


  by Suzanne Ross I just came back from visiting Mumia two days ago, and am witness to the fact that we have all experienced a miracle. Sisters and brothers, comrades, and friends, we are saving Mumia’s life.  He looked so healthy and radiant, so much like he used to, and he sounded so good.  We both […]

‘May your spirit be with uz’: Prisonerz recall Komrade Big Brutha Hugo ‘Yogi’ Pinell

Lessons I learned as Yogi’s neighbor by Faruq Jabari Greetings, family. I was disappointed, hurt and angry upon receiving my SF Bay View 2015 September edition to find the announcement of the death – assassination – of Yogi, Hugo “Yogi Bear” Pinell. In 1992, at Pelican Bay, I lived nine months in the cell between […]

Freedom Fighter: Frederick Douglass

by a West Virginia prisoner November 2015 permalink For my essay I chose Frederick Douglass. I admire his inner strength, free spirit, and intelligence. I believe that he could see opportunity in every situation. For example, when his oppressors became so irate of his learning to read and write, he knew that things that are […]

Who You Gonna Call Now (For Sandra Bland)

  Recorded, Produced, Mixed, & Mastered by Yuri Koller Additional Vocals by Erik Flowchild Artwork by Yuri Koller – Lyrics – Everyday I see em goin thru the same thing Pointing fingers but who’s gonna take the blame It’s not black or white, it seems like there’s more than 50 shades of grey Tryna make […]

Jonathan Jackson – The Nu-Afrikan Communist Guerrilla in The Highest Stage of Development

Jonathan Peter Jackson — who died on August 7, 1970, courage in one hand, assault rifle in the other; my brother, comrade, friend —the true revolutionary, the black communist guerrilla in the highest state of development, he died on the trigger, scourge of the unrighteous, soldier of the people!! – GLJ


“Why should they have their own classes? I don’t understand what the big deal is.” Flabbergasted. Shocked. In my head, I resembled Munch’s “The Scream”, but I am sure I appeared more calm than the inner turmoil I was experiencing. I stared at my high school classmates circa 1988 or so, none of which were […]

“Hard Truth Soldier (Redux)”

  Paris has a long lasting career filled with incendiary lyrics and shocking videos, and “Hard Truth Soldier (Redux)” continues in that tradition by showcasing his well-known unapologetic revolutionary stance of self-empowerment.  He raps: “Take us back to black businesses with black business Black wealth and black people doing for self Take us back to […]

Cuba to Release 3,522 Prisonerz on the Eve of Pope Francis’z Visit, Why Can’t Obama Do the Same?

Just prior to the visit of Pope Francis to Cuba the Cuban government has announced the release of 3,522 people being held in the country’s jails. This humanitarian gesture will include prisoners who are over 60 years of age, younger than 20, those with chronic illnesses, women, and those  who are close to their release […]


Respekt to all sistas in the struggle.    COMMUNITY AFFAIRS DEPARTMENT  “Active Grassroots Community Organizing Through True Skool Hip Hop Culture”   ALL ZULU NATION  MALIKAS & QUEENS ARE ENCOURAGED TO RSVP & ATTEND THIS “FREE” SISTORIC BRONX EVENT! WOMEN OF THE YOUNG LORDS PARTY: “THE REVOLUTION WITHIN THE REVOLUTION” Photo credit: Michael Abramson, Untitled (Iris […]