Free Em All Radio! W/ Chairman Fred Hampton Jr & The Lady of Rage! Tune in tonight, Wednesday Sept. 21, 2016 to Free Em All Radio! w/ Chairman Fred Hampton Jr. & The Lady of Rage! Join our Hosts for tonight’s dynamic episode that will speak to the continuous state violence against the African community; from the murders of 13 year old Tyree King in Columbus, OH and Terence […]

The Policy of Death (1:34) Mumia Abu-Jamal …

Happy Earth-day Geronimo Pratt

Geronimo Pratt (born Elmer Pratt), also known as Geronimo Ji Jaga and Ji Jaga Pratt, was a high-ranking member of the Black Panther Party. The FBI targeted him in a COINTELPRO operation, which aimed to “neutralize Pratt as an effective BPP functionary.” Pratt was tried and convicted of the kidnap and murder of Caroline Olsen […]

Angela Daviz Deliverz the 17th Steve Biko Memorial Lecture

Angela Davis reflects on radical movements, radical imagination, relationships between generations of liberation activists and new forms of leadership.

10/1: Kick off HANDZ OFF CUBA MONTH with Jose Martí

Saturday, October 1st, 2016 @1pm-3pm The Statue of Jose Marti at Central Park W. 59th St. and  Avenue of the Americas Join us at the Statue of Jose Marti in Central Park as we kick off HANDS OFF CUBA Month with a  flower offering to Jose Marti and a community Speak out! We will be […]

Raising Attica’z Ghostz

Raising Attica’s ghosts. Beginning this afternoon, The Marshall Project will be tweeting, in real time, the dramatic riot at Attica prison that took place 45 years ago. On September 9, 1971, prisoners seized control of the upstate New York facility and took 42 staff hostage. The ensuing stand-off lasted two days, leaving 43 men dead […]

Madison Washington: Instigated Most Successful Slave Revolt in U.S. History

Madison Washington was an American cook who started a slave revolt in 1841 on board the brig Creole. The ship was transporting over 130 slaves from Virginia to sell in New Orleans, as part of the coast-wise slave trade. Although the Creole was a domestic ship, the Black men and women on board suffered conditions to […]

Day of Rage for Mumia~9/7

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!  Mumia Abu-Jamal has maintained his innocence for 35 years but the state is still trying to kill him, this time by refusing to treat him for Hepatitis C. Show your outrage in the streets on Wednesday, September 7: 11AM – Press conference outside the Philadelphia Health Center at S. Broad & Lombard – because hep c is […]

The Amerikan Fugitivez of Havana

By Jon Lee Anderson   Assata Shakur, who escaped from prison in New Jersey while serving a life sentence, has been living in Cuba since 1984. Photograph by Frank Hurley / NY Daily News Archive via Getty When a cold war winds down, what happens to its spies and traitors? The British double agents Kim […]

4 Speechez That Prove Black Panther Fred Hampton Waz the Godfather of Rap

Had he not been assassinated in a police fusilade on a bitterly cold Chicago evening 47 years ago, Fred Hampton would’ve turned 68 years old today. The former head of the Illinois Chapter of the Black Panther Party for Self-Defense is remembered today primarily for his skills as an organizer, who coined the phrase “Rainbow […]