Call It What It Iz: Lynching and the Enduring Legacy of U.S. State Sponsored Terrorism in the South

  by Robert Saleem Holbrook One step ahead of the hounds, a few minutes ahead of the lynch mob is how many New Afrikans came north… The cites of amerika were full of New Afrikan refugees who entered them during the 30’s and 40’s, escaping the Klan and southem prison. – James Yaki Sayles, From […]

Frisco 5 hunger strikerz to SFPD: ‘Stop executing our people’

by Dave Welsh San Francisco – Five hunger strikers dubbed the Frisco 5 – angered by new police murders of Black and Brown people – have been occupying half the sidewalk in front of Mission Police Station since April 21. It’s Day 13 of their liquid-only fast and they’re losing weight, but they vow to […]

Hungry for justice: Equipto speakz for the Frisco 5 on hunger strike to demand SFPD Chief Suhr be fired or Mayor Lee resign

The latest front in the fight to fire SFPD Chief Suhr is a hunger strike outside the Mission Police Station led by rapper Equipto (Ilych Sato) and his mother, Maria Cristina Gutierrez (center of photo above), whose idea it was back in 2014 when Alex Nieto was executed by SFPD. She says, “Enough is enough. […]

My brotha Yogi – two comradez with long memoriez

They hated him because they couldn’t break him by Juan A. Merced Jr., aka Ajamu I’m not an eloquent writer or speaker nor can I be placed in the same category as Khatari, W.L., George or Yogi. The purpose of my existence is to strive daily to ensure that our history will never again be […]

Hugo Pinell’z daughter Allegra invitez you to join in honoring her father on April 23

by The People’s Minister of Information JR Valrey On Aug. 12, 2015, within the walls of New Folsom Prison, freedom fighter and political prisoner Hugo “Yogi” Pinell of the San Quentin 6 was assassinated on the prison yard by members of the Aryan Brotherhood, with the assistance of the guards. Seven months later, the community […]

Emigrez demand answerz after first Afrikan Amerikan diez during Israeli army service

IDF rules out foul play but family, friends and community refuse to believe Toveet Radcliffe committed suicide by David Sheen The largest intentional community in the African diaspora has launched a protest movement in recent weeks, seeking to learn the truth about the untimely demise of community member Toveet Radcliffe, the first African American to […]

Fifty one yearz ago today, Don Pedro Albizu Campos died in San Juan, Puerto Rico

Fifty one years ago, Don Pedro Albizu Campos died in San Juan. The US and Gov. Luis Muñoz Marín had broken his body, but not his spirit. Half a century later, all of Don Pedro’s warnings have come true. Puerto Rico is bankrupt and the US is sending a “Financial Control Board” to control and […]

Revolutionary Daily Thought

“You have to understand that people have to pay the price for peace. If you dare to struggle, you dare to win. If you dare not struggle, then you don’t deserve to win. Let me say ‘Peace’ to you, if you’re willing to fight for it.  Chairman Fred Hampton Sr.

POCC/BPPC: The Carl Nelson Show April 18, 2016

Chairman Fred will be a guest on the Carl Nelson Show Today  Monday April 18, 2016  Chairman Fred Hampton JR. will update us on the latest controversial police involved shooting and the shooting of a 1 year old in Chicago.  The Big Show Starts on 1450 WOL AM Radio Time: 4pm Eastern Standard Time 3pm […]

Nas Deliverz Brief History (Our-story) of Black Panther Party On “Kopz Keep Firing”

Some years ago Nasir Jones aka Nas dropped a mixtape dubbed The N*gger Tape. One of the gems on that project was “Cops Keep Firing.” Well this week, thanks to DJ Green Lantern reaching into the vaults, we have a re-mastered version of “Cops Keep Firing.” This is God Son at his finest, keeping it […]