Environmental Racism in Michigan

By Kerry “Shakaboona” Marshall Let’s begin with the premise that Michigan Governor Rick Snyder must be charged with federal and state criminal violations of criminal negligence and a hate crime, for he knowingly forced the majority Black-populated City of Flint, Michigan to use contaminated Flint River water, which inflicted immeasurable and irreparable injury on the […]

Hungry for justice: Equipto speakz for the Frisco 5 on hunger strike to demand SFPD Chief Suhr be fired or Mayor Lee resign

The latest front in the fight to fire SFPD Chief Suhr is a hunger strike outside the Mission Police Station led by rapper Equipto (Ilych Sato) and his mother, Maria Cristina Gutierrez (center of photo above), whose idea it was back in 2014 when Alex Nieto was executed by SFPD. She says, “Enough is enough. […]

Lucasville Amnesty Legal Update and Prisoner Voices Amplified.

Hello Friends, We’ve got a few updates to share regarding the Lucasville Uprising prisoners. First, the bad news. The US Supreme Court has declined to hear Keith LaMar’s case. This is not unexpected, but nevertheless disappointing. The court’s decision frees the State of Ohio to set an execution date for Keith, and it also frees […]

How Did My Incarcerated Ancestor Die?

Tracing Your Roots: A reader seeks a death certificate for, and answers about, a great-grandfather who was imprisoned in the Jim Crow South. BY: HENRY LOUIS GATES JR. AND MEAGHAN E.H. SIEKMAN, NEHGS RESEARCHER A Southern chain gang; photo taken between 1900 and 1906LIBRARY OF CONGRESS Dear Professor Gates: My paternal great-grandfather, Sylvester Collins, lived […]

Endorse April 21 Student Day of Action to STOP Police Terror

Thursday APRIL 21 — Which Side Are You On? Support National Day of Student Action to STOP Police Terror A Call has been issued for a National Day of Student Action to STOP Police Terror on April 21 by students at San Francisco State University. This call is supported by Carl Dix, Dr. Cornel West, […]

Virgin Islandz 3 Update: Seitu Petition for Habeaz Corpus on their Behalf

As a result of the Virgin Islands 3 (Malik, Abdul, and Haneef) filing for their right to immediate and unconditional release from illegal and political imprisonment this past December, they have been subjected to increased repression, first being rounded up and put in the hole, then being removed from the isles entirely and again placed […]

Exonerationz are Up, But Our Justice System iz az Corrupt az Ever

by LORENZO JOHNSON In 2014, we witnessed a record 137 exonerations in the United States. The statistics for 2015 have topped that record, however, with 149 exonerations reported by the National Registry of Exonerations at the University of Michigan Law School. Over fifty of these cases involved homicide convictions being overturned. Half of the wrongfully […]

Rhetoric vs. reality: SFPD’z investment in police brutality

by Jeremy Miller The day was balmy but chilled, slightly windy but still. The street was bustling but with people that were displaced, tourists perhaps or residents bewildered. We were all pulled in the same direction towards an artificial city. Sometime around midday a small crowd of about 50 souls, all ages, genders and races, […]

Why the Young Lordz Took Over Lincoln Hospital

The affordable and quality healthcare fight in 1970 Back in 1970, according to the then head of pediatrics, children got lead poisoning while hospitalized at Lincoln Hospital in the South Bronx. That and rats in the emergency room are only a couple of the indicators dramatizing just how neglected the public hospital was. Times have changed however, […]

A Cuban Odyssey: Cuba’z key role in the struggle for Afrikan Liberation

An indispensable film by by Jihan El-Tahri. From its beginnings, the Cuban Revolution has been the indispensable ally of liberation forces on the African continent. This is part of the history that most Africans, and certainly every Cuban knows, but which few of us in the US, even activists and scholars are aware. It’s also […]