Tens of thousands of prisoners across the United States spend months, years – and sometimes decades – locked alone in windowless concrete rooms the size of wheelchair accessible bathroom stalls for at least 23 hours a day, seven days a week. Prison officials, not judges or juries, decide both which prisoners end up in solitary […]

Comrade Malik speaks on the Pittsburgh massacre and anti-fascism

Peace and Blessing Sisters and Brothers! Rose Malling was a 97-year-old Holocaust Survivor who came to the Tree of Life Synagogue in order to attend a baby naming ceremony. She was one of the 11 Jewish Humyn beings who were executed by a deranged man named Robert Bowers in the Pittsburgh neighborhood of Squirrel Hill. […]

Police Reform Doesn’t Work, Says Sociologist

“Show me the American city where Black and brown folks are happy with the policing that emerges from” the usual menu of police re-training, body cameras and increased minority hiring. “I don’t think there is one,” said Alex Vitale, professor of sociology at Brooklyn College and author of the book, The End of Policing. Vitale says civilian […]

Neuroscientists Make a Case Against Solitary Confinement

by Dana G. Smith Neuroscientists Make a Case Against Solitary Confinement   On any given day, 80,000 US prisoners are subjected to punishment that inflicts permanent damage to the brain. “We see solitary confinement as nothing less than a death penalty by social deprivation.” Robert King spent 29 years living alone in a six by […]

Prisoner Prophet: Revisiting George Jackson’s Analysis of Systemic Fascism

The rise of Donald Trump has brought talk of fascism to the forefront. While comparing US Presidents to Hitler is certainly nothing new – both Obama and W. Bush were regularly characterized as such by their haters – Trump’s emergence on the national political scene comes at a very peculiar moment in US history. In […]

Urgent Call for Political Prisoner Kamau Sadiki

From Kamau’s daughter Ksisay: Freddie Hilton AKA Kamau Sadiki  #115 06 88 Urgent Call. ASMP wants to amputate my father’s ankle. Contact- Call Write Letters: Augusta State Prison 3001 Gordon Hwy, Grovetown GA 30813 Chief Medical Facilitator Dr Alston Warden Philbin (706) 855-4700 He needs a wounds specialist not amputation! Who Is Kamau Sadiki? Kamau […]

The Newest Jim Crow

Recent criminal justice reforms contain the seeds of a frightening system of “e-carceration.” By Michelle Alexander CreditCreditIllustration by Yoshi Sodeoka; Photographs by Juanmonino and SensorSpot/E+, via Getty Images In the midterms, Michigan became the first state in the Midwest to legalize marijuana, Florida restored the vote to over 1.4 million people with felony convictions, and Louisiana passed […]

The anatomy of abusive prison guards: Telford Unit’s overt assault and punishment program

by Jason Renard Walker Note: As of late October, Jason Walker has been moved to the Ellis Unit. Jason reported that he’s in a block of 300 prisoners who are being given cold showers, and when he complains about this (or about anything), they lock him up for several hours in a phone-booth-sized cubicle too […]

A thought-provoking interview on Imam Jamil & The 1968 Olympic Protest

Below is a transcript of the interview itself – it includes some historic photographs. If you appreciate the share, please consider making a much needed tax-deductable donation to the work of The Aafia Foundation, A large part of work is dedicated to Political Prisoners like Imam Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin. To donate: And please give a […]

“prison is the glue that holds this whole crooked house of cards together”

By THE NEW INQUIRY Racism is different in prison. There are at least three kinds of racism in the US. First is the kind most of us are familiar with on the outside: color blind people who would never use the N-word and who might even thoroughly examine their prejudices and micro-aggressions against others, but would […]