Chairman Fred Hampton, Jr.: Geto Manifesto

The Prisoners of Conscience Committee Founded by Chairman Fred Hampton, Jr. during the nine years he spent in prison in the 1990’s. Digital Album   1. Lil WhoRide, M-1 – Intro/Behind Enemy Lines 01:04 2. Shawna, Chairman Fred (P.O.C.C.) – Geto Fairtales 02:39 3. Malik Yusef, Shawna, Johny P. Buddy Guy – Chicago 04:45 4. […]

Robert Seth Hayes June 7 Parole Hearing–Sign Hiz Petition!

Robert Seth Hayes 2016 Parole Campaign Once again, we are preparing for Seth’s upcoming parole hearing on June 7, 2016. Since the PBA, the FOP, and the Correctional Officers union are able to collect thousands of signatures against parole, we must work to gain as many signatures and letters of support for Seth as possible. In […]

43 yearz in solitary: ‘There are moments I wish I was back there’

Albert Woodfox, who was America’s longest-standing solitary confinement prisoner up until his release in February, describes what it feels like to be free Ed Pilkington Before walking out of jail a free man in February, Albert Woodfox spent 43 years almost without pause in an isolation cell, becoming the longest standing solitary confinement prisoner in […]

J Rocc Spinz All Purple Everything In Hiz ‘Thank U Prince’ Mix

Tribute for the Purple One Cali style.. Rest In Power Purple One  As the weeks go on, countless tribute and salutes to the everlasting glow of Prince will imminently surface, both as a reminder of all that he’s given us in his four decade run as the most electrifying man in the biz and a […]

Politikal Prisoner Alvaro Luna Hernandez’ Appeal for Medikal Help

Above: Excerpt from an April 13th, 2016 letter from Xinachtli Luna Hernandez to his defense committee and supporters regarding prisoner solidarity. Dear Alvaro Hernandez Supporter, Xinachtli: Alvaro’s New Name First, we would like to inform Alvaro’s supporters that we shall be referring to him as Xinachtli as much as is possible because he regards “Alvaro” […]

Free Em All Radio! w/ Chairman Fred Hampton Jr. & The Lady of Rage with Guest Hy Thurma of the Young Patriotz

This week’s episode will discuss Deputy Chairman Fred Hampton Sr. and The Rainbow Coalition. Joining our hosts will be Hy Thurma of the Young Patriots.. Free Em All Radio! continues the ongoing series commemorating the Legacy of the Black Panther Party as we move ?#‎ForwardToThe50th? year celebration! Joined by former BP Partymembers & supporters to give commentary and share […]

Freedom Rider: Honoring Harriet Tubman

Thiz iz nothing more than another attempt by thiz racist (amerikkkan) government to downplay the many actz of rebellion & disobedience by our Queen Mother Harriet Tubman by BAR editor and senior columnist Margaret Kimberley “It is an insult, an offense, to be told that putting Tubman’s image on the symbol of her oppression is […]

Protestz demand hep C cure for Mumia and Pa. prisonerz

by  Betsey Piette Family, friends and supporters of political prisoner Mumia Abu-Jamal took to the streets of Philadelphia in actions on April 22 and April 23 to raise awareness of the dangerous impact of untreated hepatitis C on Abu-Jamal and thousands of others across Pennsylvania. The weekend wrapped up with a celebration of Abu-Jamal’s 62nd birthday […]

“I Believe in the Lawz of Nature”

Anna Mae Aquash Statement to the Court of South Dakota September, 1975   Anna Mae Aquash was a Native American activist from the Micmac tribe in Nova Scotia, Canada. She was a member of the American Indian Movement (AIM) in the early l97Os as both a public speaker and a participant in a number of […]

On self-defense against racist murder

A discussion on the culture of hate and violence in US society and the rationality of securing New Afrikan communities by the NCTT: Zaharibu Dorrough, Heshima Denham, Jabari Scott and Kambui Robinson Part 1 “It is well known that the Black race is the most oppressed and most exploited of the human family. It is […]