Whose ready to take Malcolm X birthday az a national holiday?! #CMXD

May 19th iz Malcolm X day. We are not asking permission we are claiming a day for our progressive leaderz. Malcolm X pioneered the thoughtz of a generation of overachieverz and righteouz rebelz. We are NOT asking permission. We are #CMXD <—— follow the hashtag to see what people are doing in your city. #2RAW4TV […]

Mumia Abu-Jamal: The genius of Huey P. Newton

Click to enlarge Celebrate the life of Huey P. Newton, who, with Bobby Seale, founded the Black Panther Party 50 years ago this year, in October 1966 – ‘A Celebration of the Life of Huey P. Newton’ is Saturday, Feb. 13, 2-5 p.m., at the West Oakland Branch Library, 1801 Adeline St., Oakland, featuring friends […]


W.E.B. DUBOIS: MORE MAN THAN  MEETS THE EYE   W.E.B. DuBois (February 23, 1868 – August 27, 1963) was one of the most prescient American intellectuals of the 20thcentury. We know, honor and respect his achievements and are often awed by the depth, breadth and sheer volume of his work as a scholar, editor, man-of-letters and activist. […]

Remembering Malcolm X 50 Yearz Later

  Its been 50 years since the assassination of the great Malcolm X. A leader enshrined on the Mount Rushmore of Black Leaders. Among his greatness was Malcolm’s was his ability to inspire and emphasize the need for black self-defense and self-reliance in the face of white violence and racism.   source: http://blackstate.com/malcolmx2131216.html


by Stephen Biko  BLACK SOULS IN WHITE SKINS? Basically the South African white community is a homogeneous community. It is a community of people who sit to enjoy a privileged position that they do not deserve, are aware of this, and therefore spend their time trying to justify why they are doing so. Where differences […]

Who Waz Denmark Vesey? Interesting Factz on the Former Enslaved Afrikan Who Planned a Revolt

Denmark Vesey, former enslaved African who planned a revolt Early Years Denmark Vesey was born in 1757 in St. Thomas. The NPR story, “Denmark Vesey And The History Of Charleston’s ‘Mother Emanuel’ Church,” reports that Vesey was brought to the U.S. by Captain Joseph Vesey at the age of 14. Abolitionist and minister Thomas Wentworth […]

Imprisoned People and Ideaz with Dr. Joy James

  “Imprisoned People and Ideas with Dr. Joy James”IMIXWHATILIKE.ORG Audio Player 1. “Imprisoned People and Ideas with Dr. Joy James” — IMIXWHATILIKE.ORG 56:52 2. “BONUS HOUR: Community Comment Dr. Joy James” — IMIXWHATILIKE.ORG 56:29 Dr. Joy James joined us for this hour to discuss her work on “Imprisoned Intellectuals” and the particular placement of Black […]

Stokely: A Review of ‘Our Premier Interpreter’ of Black Power Studiez

    *This essay was initially slated for an ill-fated special issue of The Black Scholar Journal.  It was submitted in November of 2014.  i would want only to add that much of what i argue here would also be my argument as to why no mention of Ture (even Stokely!) appears in the film […]

Woodson, Carter G. (1875-1950)

  Image Courtesy of Ancella Bickley Collection, West Virginia State Archives Historian Carter G. Woodson was born to poor, yet land-owning, former slaves in New Canton, Virginia on December 19, 1875.  During the 1890s, he hired himself out as a farm and manual laborer, drove a garbage truck, worked in coalmines, and attended high school […]